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Black Or Light Pewter Metallic??


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Aug 11, 2002
Apple Valley, Minnesota
I've plunked $500 down at my local Chevy dealer and am scheduled to pick up my new Avalanche on Tuesday. Here's my dilema. Do I go with the Black Z71 with leather, or the pewter Z71 with standard seating? I've got two young kids (9 & 10), two dogs, and aging inlaws that visit occasionally from Illinois. With the standard seating, I can plop one kid in the front for short trips to the restaurant when the inlaws are in town so we can all go in one vehicle. My other concern is the dog's claws scratching up the vinyl and leather in the black Z71. Here's the kicker though...the black is so tough looking!!! :B: I'm planning on doing some performance mods (Mass air, Volant, Flowmaster, Hypertech, etc.) The black would totally kick with the mods as would the pewter with the latter being more of a "sleeper". Any words of wisdom from dads or moms re the leather and kids...or dog owners and their take on the "claws v.s. leather" question. A HUGE thanks to all for reading!!! ;D I'm pumped for Tuesday!!!
HBear said:
Unless you have time for constant exterior cleaning, go Pewter.
I've had two black cars now, including the black Blazer with leather. I second the motion that it looks good, but you will spend a lot of time washing it. Unless, of course you don't care what it looks like, but if you didn't care, you wouldn't be asking the question.

As for leather, it was nice, but after the Blazer, I went out of my way looking for cloth. With the leather, I was always concerned when my son or a load of boy scouts got in the truck. With the cloth, I'm more relaxed. It's easier to clean a minor spill off of the leather, but it's also much easier to permanently damage the leather. I would always be on my son's case as he dragged his bookbag, or especially heavy french horn case over the leaterh. I would especially be concerned with picking him up after a day of swimming: is your suit COMPLETELY dry?

In your case, you have a bigger concern: the dog's nails. They can really do a number to the leather.

In my case, while I would have wanted the heated seats and memory, I'm really glad I didn't get leather again. I'm also glad I didn't get black again. Seems I had to wash mine 5 time more often than my wife's silver car. Of course, the blue I have now has to be washed almost as often...

In the end it's all a matter of opinion. Remeber, everybody has an opinion. There's a lot of guys here who love their black trucks, and even more who are really passionate about leather. You have to make your own decision.

-- SS
This time of year it's easy to not appreciate the heated leather seats but come this winter those bun warmers can really hit the spot!
Zainoed Light Pewter Metallic is sparkly and will knock your socks off...Zainoed Black is deep as the abyss...pick black if you gotta lotta time and LPM if you don't wanna spend ALL of your free time cleaning the Av...I mean, you gotta drive it once in a while, right??? :B: ;) ;D (y) >:D

oh, and ditch the idea of the MAF and change the air intake/filter...you will be MUCH happier!!!
I had a black '78 Camaro, a black '90 S-10, a black '90 GSXR-1100 and currently own a black '94 Sporty. ?Oh yeah... my AV color is LPM with a graphite cloth interior. ?LPM can go one week between washings. ?I clean the windows every 3 days or so. ?The windows show dirt prior to the body. ?I have three children and a dog. ?Having two bench seats is a plus.

Murman :cool:
I would go with the black and leather avalanche it just looks more classy.

insert 2 cents here---> [] >:D

I looked at all of them and decided on black or pewter. The more I looked, the more I wanted the black. My wife wanted pewter. I GOT BLACK !!!!!! Now, even my wife is glad I did...looks a lot meaner. And isn't a black vehicle the reason they invented soap and water???
Got the Av last week: 2 words:

Black! Tan Leather!

Ok maybe 3 words! :2: but it looks amazing! ;D

Cleaning is Fun!!! :D

Love this Truck :love:
BlackJack :B:
Reading all of your worries with the kids and all, the choice is simple------ PEWTER.

Tell ya what it gleams like the sun when its clean and doesnt show dirt!

Black was made for old muscle cars ! :eek:
(LET the Flaming begin!) ;D ;)

I love mine black beauty. Nothing looks and shines better than a black vehicle.

To prevent scrathing from the dogs you could look into getting one of the bench seat covers, although I don't know how they would work with folding the seats down ???
You could just keep a large blacket - in one of the nifty storage bins :0:
I have Pewter, love it, it looks elegant and it blends in nice with the clading, black is nice but it will requier a lot of elbow grease, as far as the seating leather is nice and easy clean no oder no dog drule to soak in. and in case I dont log in tom to congrat you good luck with it.
HBear said:
Unless you have time for constant exterior cleaning, go Pewter.

I remember this subject a long time ago....And yes Pewter stays clean LOOKING the longest.....
I think you must ask yourself, "What would I say when I see it drive past me"? Can't beat the image of the black vehicle, deep tinted windows and chrome accessories as it slowly cruises by.
I am also going to tell you BLACK. A little effort, a little Zaino and you'll never regret it. Get a California Car Duster (I think that's right) and you can keep it almost as clean and dust free every day between washes.

As far as people hauling, that's another reason we got rid of our Expedition. Sure, seating for 8 was great (3rd row seating), but we got taken of advantage of simply because we could carry so many family members. We started driving the Grand Am to family functions just so we didn't get to be the official family haulers!

I guess either color will be OK as your getting an Av either way. Me, I'm a leather buckets kind of guy.

Mine's light pewter metallic with bench seats. I've still got an older black S-10 Blazer - still looks great, but takes a lot of work, plus it's HOT in the summer. The pewter is much more forgiving of dirt and I like the way it looks with the cladding.

I would have liked leather on the bench seat - but it's not offered - we wanted the extra seating capability. No complaints about the bench seat - really two buckets with a small center section - very comfortable.
I have neither, so my IMPARTIAL opinion is put more weight on the function rather than the color, especially since both colors look great.
Pewter hides dirt, hides scratches, stays cooler.

Black looks sleeker, harder to keep clean, shows scratches and dents like crazy, and is hotter interior.
I've got the LPM with the neutral sport leather and love it. I can go weeks between washings ;D

The dog hasn't done damage to the leather yet. But, if she goes she's in the back. Just make sure you treat it often.

If you need the extra seating capacity, go for the bench. It's basically two buckets any way.
I really didnt care what color...I just wanted Leather! I ended up with Indigo Blue. I have 2 dogs...i fold the seats down and place a rubber mat on the mid-gate so they dont slide. I dont travel with them...thats only to take them to the vet and Kennel. I have two kids...seems as though my seats would have been looking real bad with the red cranberry juice that was spilled if i didnt have leather! What was she doing in the AV with red drink you ask?....it was in one of those spill proof sippy cups but apparently the cap wasnt screwed on tightly! :eek:
A HUGE thank you to all who responded! I will take delivery tomorrow night on my brand spankin' new "Light Pewter Metallic" AV . :love: It was a tough choice between black and LPM, but after weighing all the benefits of each (including the testosterone raising effect) I decided that I really do love the "classy" look of the LPM. I did a little checking to find out what many of you meant when you said that my AV would look great after it had been "Zainoed". The Jersey-based auto finishishing product listing looks quite impressive...the testimonials seem genuine...I think I'll have to give it a go! Thanks again...Next time I write, I'll have my baby!!! ;D Now...let me at those aftermarket goodies!...more later!