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Black Sport Wing


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Nov 10, 2005
Austin TX
I am thinking of putting a sport wing on my Black AV.  Does anyone have any pictures of a black cladded AV with the spoiler?  Some pictures would help me decide.

We have a black av with a sport wing and I have to say it is my favorite mod. :love: I'm out of town and can't find any pictures with me that really show it good. Hopefully these will give you an idea.


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Nice pictures.  Still trying to decide.  May need to see one in person on a Black AV
at MCM. Blue Neon underbody lights or Sportwing?  Both?? Which first? 
I can try to get more detailed pics if you need them tomorrow..
Well I finally got my Sportwing! :woohoo:

I have a question before I do the install.? Do I need to use the 3M tape?? I have not had the AV Gatorbacked yet.? I have a bunch of ArmorDillo that I use.? I have enough to last about 2 years or more.? I have noticed that I can go longer between treatments as I use it more plus it keeps the cladding looking darker with more gloss to it than Gatorback.? (I had my wheel well cladding Gatorbacked to match the dark gray)? I may not have have it done but if I decide to get Gatorbacked will I have any problem removing the Sportwing if I use the tape?

I will post pictures after I install it Saturday.