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Blower fan and somtimes radio out


New Member
Jan 1, 2007
Bought used 03 in Janurary. Started driving daily in April. Twice now I've had the radio come on but no sound come out the speakers. I just pulled over restarted truck and It worked fine. Anyone ever hear of that? I also had the blower go out. I had mechanic replace a blower relay or switch not sure. Had it quit working again. Next day I was bringing it back and it worked fine. Any insight on any of this issues would be apprieciated.
2003 had bad batch of radios... they would lose time, lose presets and other strange things..


does it stick at one speed or does not even come on?

found out blower was a loose connection and has been fixed. Radio has speakers just not work from time to time will an aftermarket deck solve this. or is it a electrical problem?
I have had my radio one time do that.  Mine is an '03.  I had no chime from the key in the ingnition and not sound from radio.  After I restarted it worked fine and has not done it since then.
My radio had no sound the other day. I turned off the radio then turned it back on and it was ok after that. Its happened just the one time.
I haven't had any issues with the blower (yet).