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Bluetooth installation BOSE w/XM


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May 9, 2007
I have an 06 with the Bose HU with XM and Onstar.? I have purchased a Raytel bluetooth kit that has no wiring harness.? I have been quoted $139 for a harness for my radio to integrate the BT kit.? It appears that you only need line-in and mute pins.? I have seen people talk about models with the mute and without.? Does anyone know if you need anything other than a connector with wires to splice into these pins on the back side of the radio?
Here are some pinouts for the premium system HU connectors.

The NEXT post (page) (C2)

I plan to do that soon. At least also for the stereo music player in the phone via BT to the audio, as well as the cellphone BT.
The post that you have provided is great information, there is just so much of it, I dont know where to start.  Is it the cellular telephone voice signal that I am looking for as a low input?  I see the radio mute.  Is this not a project that a DIY person can do?
JP Customs is saying that they believe that this Raytel product should have come with a wiring harness.  Does anyone know if just the universal with a mute, line out and power will work?
The Cellphone input is for OnStar. Onstar operation sends class II data to the head unit to mute the other audio and activate the port. It's not something one would just connect.

Bluetooth adapters use other audio connections and control those for it's operation.

The radio mute would best be connected by how the adapter describes it's connection to it. If that is not covered in the instructions, It would be better to contact the adapter's tech support or Jason/JP Customs.

Line-out would not be "automatic" unless an accessory device (such as XM/EXternal CD or RSE were active) Then the aux in would be selected and port the audio. Unless they send class II data to the radio to select an aux device, you would need to do that manually.

When BT is active, will your phone still ring locally? If not, the port would need to be "ready" for incoming audio.
If the adapter routes that to it's own speaker, then you won't miss that. Then you may need to select your truck's audio manually to proceed with audio through your truck's entertainment system.

I would consult with Jason (JP) to better understand the details of his product. :)

Good luck!
I have received the adapter from JP Customs and have finally had the opportunity to attempt the install.   Everything seems to be working if I use the onstar button to mute the radio.   The problem here is that the onstar starts talking and I have to make the call in a short period of time and have to compete with the onstar woman talking.   Do you have recomendations for the mute wire?
Let me start by saying that Jason with JP Customs is awesome!  If you need accessories that he carries, use him.  He goes far beyond the requirements of a online retailer.

Jason was able to point out that although it is undocumented, Pin A on the 12 pin Connector 2 is the mute wire.  This does not come with a connection from the factory, but Jason had sent me a pin connector to use.  This operates perfectly, and you do not need the GMCELLV2 product or any of the other "mute" devices for cell phone integration to this system.  I had purchased the GMCELLV2 and luckily I had not opened it and can send it back.