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BodyLift in, NowTireTime Size???

Black Snow Slide

Full Member
Jul 27, 2005
I have an 05, Avalanche 4x4 15000,WOBH, My body lift is in. I have tones of room for new tires but am wanting to keep my stock wheels. I see that a lot of people have 33/12.5R/17 on aftermarket wheels because of width.

I am looking at the Cooper Discover STT (there mud terrain) in size 295/70R/17.  It is approved for the 7.5" rim with of the stock wheel. Section width is 11.8, a little thinner then the 12.5 of the 33s a lot of people are cruzing on. Tire height is 33.45" a little taller  but i am wondering with the stock offset and being a little narrower if you guys thick it will fit. I am not afraid to do a little trimming but I am not takeind a cutting torch to do it. Any and all feed back would be great.
I think that you'll be fine with them, worst case, maybe a little trimming.

My tires are listed as being equivalent to 305/65/17 and they have never rubbed.  I haven't trimmed a thing.  I had thought about trying 305/70/17's for my next set but I feel that I will have to trim some.