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Bose Audio Problem????



Bose audio system worked great on the first day home. Got up the next morning and no sound through the speakers, read owners manual, push several buttons to no avail. Took it back to the dealer yesterday... they had the dashout looking for shorts but in the end they said pusing the "audio" button in and holding it until it beeps fixed the problem.

Got up this morning no sound through the spekaers again... pressed the audio button til it beeped..... still no sound through the speakers.

Taking it back to the dealer today... again. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what could be causing this, I'm thinking maybe soemthing with the OnStar/XM stuff but not sure and would really like to listen to the radio.....

You must have the '03......

kinda new so we will have to see those with their '03 speak up.....

Ahhh. . . . I envy you and your 2003 . . . but not the new problems that will undoubtedly arise with the new goodies on the truck.

Take it to the dealer . . . that's one for them to figure out!

Good luck!
Just got back from the dealer. Servcie guy looked at it, pushed a couple buttons, called someone else over they looked at it a pushed a few buttons and proclaimed that I needed a new head unit. They ordered one, not sure when it will be in...... no tunes for how long ???? :cry:.

Drove the Avy home and thought I would play with the HomeLink and see if it would work with my garage doors. Directions say to turn the engine off so I did and left the keys in the ignition. When I opened the dorr to exit the "your keys are in the ignition dummy" chimes came on and the radio started blaring away..... whats up with that.? ???.

Just went out and checked the radio and it is still working....... gotta go so I can drive the Avy with the radio on ........

You have the worst type of problem..sporadic and ghostly........Really sounds like a loose wire problem.....

If a radio does not work then it don't work....Like a light bulb it either is on or off...if sporadic maybe something is loose somewhere and well works and don't work....

You have ghost...Good Luck >:D
Well the saga continues.....

The dealership thought it was the HU, so they replaced that after a week of waiting for one to be shipped. Day after it was installed no sound again :8: Lived with it for a few days, Zaino arrived so I washed did the Zaino thing (2 of Z5, 1 of Z2) and detailed the inside.

While wiping the dash down with 303 noticed several scrathes on the front plate of the AC/Heater control unit that just happen to be the same width apart as the back of the HU... installer wasn't careful when putting in the new HU :8:.

Also noticed the right front rim was scratched on the edge which the detailer at the dealership said happens quite often when unloading the autos :8:

Took it back in for sound problem, AC/heater and rim. They say now that the amplifier is at fault and they have to order one along with a new AC/heater unit. Service manager wsn't convinced that they should do anything with the rim :8:, still negotiating on that. This was last Wednesday.

Haven't heard anything and called them this morning and was told the amplifier was on "national backorder", not sure what the "national" means but they said they would call be when they received one but they didn't know when that would be :6:.

Not sure if the amp is the problem but just wanted to post 1) Becasue it makes me feel better to get it off my chest and 2) to give others some insight if they experience this problem.

Thanks for letting me ramble, will post if the amp fixes the sound issue... whenever it may get installed. :7:
Sorry to hear about you problems. If I was in your shoes, a phone call to the area GM Service Manager would be in order.

But then again, I am a harda$$... :8:
BlkFrog said:
Well the saga continues.....
How frustrating... :8:

I have no help to offer, but you have my sympathies. Intermittant problems are the worst to live with, and the worst to dagnose and fix. I hope your opportunity to vent has helped you feel better in some small way.

-- SS

you are right
there is no reason that the installer/workers scratched up the interior trim pieces

This was once done to my truck when the hu fried in my 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

I gave my truck to some stupid dealership in upstate, they tried to diagnose, and returned my truck to me, finding the hu fried.

well warrantee covered the new one, but i installed it after finding they had scracth the top of the dash by resting the steal hu on it when removed and they ruined the plastic cover on the ac controls when reinstalling

I was livid - but encouraged white faced ac panel


Any update on this??

I had something stange happen tonight where the radio was on and no sound, all controls worked and display showed the proper readings. I shut the truck off and restarted it and then the radio came back on after a second restart.

Will keep you updated.



Thanks for starting this thread and posting the details and follow-up. I think it will benefit many of us that might encounter similar problems down the road. Keep us posted with any new info. Thanks!
I know this thread is already a few month old but I just bought a 2003 Av 1500 a week and a half ago with the Bose system (no XM or Onstar, but Homelink) and I had the same issue after about day 3 of ownership. All the lights were on but nobody was home. I was only able to hear sound from the speakers again after I shut off the ignition and restarted the vehicle. Hasn't happened since but I AM holding my breath.

I also had my #1 remote stop working on day 9. Had to use the "hold the lock and unlock button for 7 seconds" trick discussed elsewhere on this forum. Called the dealer prior to reading that tidbit of info and they wanted me to come in for remote reprogramming. Why couldn't they just tell me to hold the buttons down over the phone? Do they even know that that procedure works?! Doesn't instill confidence, I tell you that much.