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Brake Caliper Stuck After Anti Lock Brake Use


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Last night while driving home I rounded the corner and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a car illegal parked right at the corner I fear. So I stand on the brakes and there arises such a clatter, it's the anti-lock brakes keep me from hitting solid matter.

Anyway after that I drive down the street and turn left at the next stop sign and the rear end is hopping and popping like the differential is wiped out or a wheel is locked. Does it again on another turn. So I turn around, go down hill and stand on the brakes again. I drive a short distance and then I hear a loud metallic "pop" and the sticking of the rear wheel goes away.

Has anyone had this happen? I think I've had the anti-lock brakes go off just a handful of times since I've owned the truck. Had me VERY concerned however!
Hey Chief,
I would suggest you have the dealer, or yourself, look at the rear brake pads or caliper. The ABS cannot induce anything like you described, but you did do a very hard braking action. This not only caused the ABS to kick in, but it also subjected the rear brakes to be applied very hard. Potentially a rear pad got cocked/shifted in the caliper with this hard application. The re-apply made the pad seat back into its normal position. Or, the pad itself separated from the metal shoe.
Better check it out soon,
Good luck.
All is well - just a fluke... ;D