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BRAKES and 2007 .


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May 10, 2003
Cold, Barron North
I gotta ask, whats up with the brakes on the 2007 Av!!  These things are TIGHT!! Stops like a car, not a 6600lb truck!!  :eek: :eek:
  Is there some funky mechanism involved such as computer assisted braking or similar??  WIth brakes as good as this, would not even see the need to upgrade!

On my 01 GMC the brakes always felt soft and mushy.  The avalanche brakes are 100 times better in the way they feel and stop.
GM cleaned up its act regarding brakes circa 2005 / 2006, depending on the model. Spend a lot of time, half my work week life, in rental Impalas, Grand Prixs, and Trailblazers and it's always depressing when I get home after a few days on the road and climb back into my Y2K Silverado in the airport garage. I'm gonna trade it off and buy into an ordered out the way I want it '08 Avalanche before winter sets in. But first, I have to have my truck brakes cleaned up yet again -- for the third time(!) in 36000 miles.
Bosch did the complete braking system for the 900 series trucks.  And help improve the late 800 series as well.