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Broken Windshield


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Feb 23, 2002
Prattville, Al
It always happens!!! First, as I drive my new AV home from the dealer, I catch a rock chip in the hood. (The dealer was great and fixed it/re-painted for no charge :), even though I was not able to bring it in for more than a month) Then, in December, I caught a rock in the window from a truck going the other way. It put a dime size chip in the outer pane. So I got it sealed. Then, I get back from TDY and am driving the Avy for the first time in months, and the -10 degrees outside and the nice warm interior conspire to expand the chip from a dime to a spider going almost all the way across the window. Long story short: anyone else had to replace the windshield? How was the cost, and did you have the dealer do it, another shop, or do it yourself? I have not yet priced it, but I bet that glass places are charging an arm and a leg.

Also, I talked to Chevy today. I guess they called while I was gone and asked about some stuff I put on the survey. I told them I loved the truck, but that the plastic covers on the locks felt cheap. Mine have already had the chrome paint wear off. I also mentioned the proclivity the rear has to collect dust through the bed drains. They were polite, and thanked me for the input, saying that the data were being collected for future changes. Not like they could do anything about it on mine.
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Most of the time the windshield is cover by your insurance. I would check with them before doing anything.
I know my insurance covers the windshield with no deductable because they don't want you running around with a cracked windshield and causing a bigger problem.
Ahh, good point. I hadn't thought of that. This is the first car I've owned on which I've needed Comprehensive. Should come in handy, as everyone around here wants from $300 to $500 for the glass.
ahh yes great advice on the windshield coverage - take it from one who has gone that route on another vehicle - look at your insurance policy declarations page (or call your broker) and see if you do not have "full window glass" coverage - meaning that it is covered first dollar, no matter what your deductible is (which does not apply to window glass, in this case). and that applies to all of your glass, by the way, not just the windshield - reason being that with the usual deductible of $300 or $500, you would never get any insurance coverage on a broken window or windshield, and then you would maybe dilly dally in getting it fixed, leading to many more problems (that will be the insurance company's problems) like weather and thieves.

in case you are wondering, I am a lawyer and I work for a group of insurance companies (two reasons to hate me?)
Mine was 6 hrs. old when the gravel truck sent a glass sensing rock at me. I called insurance. $500 deductible for comprehensive. I said go for it. The glass company called me back. Siad the windshield cost is $219.00 + tax. I asked them what happens to the other $300 I would have sent in to the insurance geek. he laughed and said "Ever see what kind of car he drives?" Yes. Thank you. A Mercedes 500 something or other....
I cancelled the insurance claim and paid $230 or so for a new windshield.

Caveat emptor. (translation---stay away from insurance, courthouses and lawyers)

I got a rock ding that immediately turned into a crack with only 3,000 miles on the new truck. The funny part was that on that morning two of my co-workers and I were talking about cracked wind shields and wether or not auto glass had become lower quality in the last ten years.

OEM windshield from the dealer was quoted at $500 plus installation :eek:. Independent companies have quoted me $265 installed (Guardian brand glass) and $395 (PPG). My original windshield carried no manufacturers name other than GM. Have you guys seen any manufactures names on your original windshields?

Ya 5000 miles and one big crack. I will wait for it to spider before I get it fixed. You really get p.o. when that happens. Everytime I get in the truck I look at that crack. Say a few not so nice words. I guess a crack in the window is better than a dent in the metal.

My 2 cents
I too had a rock crack my windshield. A crack about the size of a quarter right in my line of site :cry:. I decided not to go to my dealer because I had heard that the new OEM windshields are not as strong as the after market windshields. So, I chose to use a local glass company that I had used in the past. They replace mine with a PPG windshield for $318 minus my $100 deductable. Wished I had full coverage on glass breakage :(.