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Bucket Seat Squeaks


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SM 2003
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Mar 3, 2002
Central Texas
Anyone experience a similar problem with the driver's side bucket seat squeaking, primarily when coming to a stop?

When completely stopped, I can't make it do anything, just when inertia is involved, coming to a stop and weight is shifting forward.

It's not bad but really annoying!
My full leather bucket does it also. I also know that my armrest squeeks and so does the headrest when in it's lowest position.

I HATE squeeks. Now I just turn up the stereo or drive from the passenger seat >:D
I was thinking of making the dealer replace the complete driver side seat.

Think that would work?
No squeeks in my seats..........

See what dealer says.....Cannot be good for the seat in the long run huh?
Dealer thinks it's in the seat tracks. Will disassemble seat, tighten everything down and reassemble come Monday.

Will keep you posted.
At least the dealer didn't say it was a 'feature'...

No squeaks from my seat, unless Mexican food was involved for lunch :6:

If the disassemble/reassembe route doesn't fix it, maybe you can have someone else drive while you hang out in back listening for the squeak.

Took the squeaky bucket seat to the dealer. Screws holding the seat tracks were a little loose.

Tightened the screws, put some EZ Skid on the track and seems to be OK.