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CAD Model Of Av Rear Structure


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Jan 28, 2002
Larkspur, CO
I scanned two pages from the 08/09/2001 issue of Machine Design regarding the Av. Page 2 contains CAD pics of the rear structure. The files are very large (close to 10MB each to preserve resolution) and in .pdf format.

The sheet metal box supports are well defined in each rendering.

If anyone would like to take a look or maybe cut out the CAD renderings only for posting here, let me know.

Damn, how did I miss that one?
I get the mag at work and have been wondering when it would show up ??? I'll have to dig it up.
I snagged a brouchre at the dealership on my first oil change that had a great two page rendering/cutaway. I loved it.... the wife didn't get it...nothing new. I'll try to scan and post it.
Could you send me a copy via email? I would greatly appreciate it. Here's my address: shafman1@insightbb.com