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CAFCNA Club Decals


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Feb 27, 2002
Boston, MA
I know we are all awaiting the new club decals but what are you going to do with yours? It would be great to know where to look when you spot another AV. Especially at high speeds... ?:eek:
Rear window, drivers side get my vote!! :2:
I agree NJAV.

I was actually just thinking about this question and am glad the poll has been posted. ?Thanks, Kronk. It would be nice if we could get enough members to vote on this to make the resulting "winner" a club standard so you would know right where to look to see if someone is a member or not. ?Just a thought.

It's funny I find myself looking at other Av's on the road...seeing If I can spot some sort of id that links them back to this site....no luck yet.... :)
I ordered 2 stickers, so one will go on the rear driver side window, and one on the rear passenger side window. :B:
Seems I agree with the masses. Rear window driver's side. I have the same question; does it go on the inside or the outside?

What do you all think of my new avatar?
I voted for the rear window driverside like many others. The passenger side rear is reserved for my Calvin Peeing on Ford decal.
I'm with Spork (y)
One on each of the rear door windows ;) ;)
Don't forget the 3' one on the roof so that it will show up on National TV when you are being tracked in a high speed chase >:D
Well as usual I am bucking the trend. Going to put mine in the passenger side rear window. Already have a sticker on the driver's side. I think it will look okay with one on each side.

BTW Gandolphxx, I was thinking more like I need the 3' one for the hood. You know Fall Guy style... Now how do I get it to jump like that old GMC... >:D
Breaking the trend again. . .I'm putting mine in the bottom center, which will be directly below my American Flag.
I have to put mine on the rear window in the passanger side corner. I have a gray outline of a bowtie that matches the cladding in the middle of the widow. It measures about 33 x 9. I have my I.A.F.F. member sticker in the corner on the drivers side. The choice is pretty much made for me.
Actually, I had envisioned putting one on each sail panel. I really don't want to put one on the paint nor glass. I figured the sail panels were good as they are a part of the unique design of the Avalanche. People would naturally look there.

Jamie, you think maybe the sticker if put on the sail panels or any part of the cladding will eventually come off.....especially with inclement weather and heavy rains.... :)
Not really concerned about it coming off. Just like the location there better. I already have two stickers on my back glass, a red "22" on the lower-left and a Cat Racing sticker on the lower-right - I'm a Ward Burton NASCAR fan.

Plus the visibility there is pretty poor if you are trying to attract anyone to the text. They'd darn near have to climb onto the truck in order to read anything I'm guessing.

So then, are you saying the cladding would be a bad place for the decal as far as adhesion?

Well it looks like the rear window driver's side has it. (probably should recount those FL votes just to be sure ;D ) I haven't received mine yet but, I'm keeping a squeeky clean spot on my window for one. Any news on this Chief?

How about if someone could figure out how to mount a thin sheet of plexiglass into the triangle cutouts in the cladding behind the cab, then stick the decal onto it - it would appear the decal(s) was suspended, or 3d?
There is a discussion about an owner who has purchased the Snugtop canopy for his AV. It comes with the exact item you described. I'm not sure if they'll sell it to you seperately but give it a try. http://www.snugtop.com/
I plan to put mine on the tailgate. Since most of the people behind me won't be able to see up to my back window.

Also I was thinking about
www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com in white letters under the CHEVROLET writing on the tailgate.

I don't think it would be tacky....Just wanting to spread the word.....
Think the StripeMan would be able to do that? :cool: :0:
Ha ;D ;D ;D all ready have club web site on my tail gate above the CHEVROLET works real good as you are right who is going to see it on the rear window
Any update on when the CAFCNA Club decals will be mailed out? I purchased two back in early April and have not received them yet. :cry:
That's a good question...last I heard they were having some problems, but are in the process of getting the stickers done and out the door..so to speak.. :B:
I cut mine up and placed in on my BOWTIE trailer hitch cover....ON top of Reflective tape of course.....




I am different!

I still have one more and not sure where I am gonna put it yet...