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I ordered two decals on 07/06/02 still havent gotten them, is this normal? Can anyone tell me how long theres took to get? ???
I got mine innabout a week but Chief has been in the hospital...I am sure he or someone all knowing will chime in here soon. :B: (y)
It took a little while, but not that long. With everything going on it is likely just a minor disconnect.
Wearing mine now proudly on a chrome hitch cover.
I ordered mine after that and it sits on my back window in the Goo position :B:

You should send an e-mail to the Chief to have him see what happend.
Chief is behind on sending out decals, but not THAT behind. I did get an e-mail that I haven't replied to from a person in Randolph, Massachusetts - HOWEVER I distinctly remember sending out the decal to them and have it on the shipping log. (want to say it was 8/1 or 7/31).

I know there has been a recent rash of non-delivery complaints - my biggest concern is people are throwing out the decals as junk mail. As an FYI - the decals are not mailed out in some nice CAFCNA envelope. They are sent out in a small, plain invitiation size envelope with a sticker on them for the address. That's it, and it would be very easy to get mixed up in the pile of grocery store circulars or other junk - I am going to make every single humanly possible effort to send out decals on 8/21 (before Wild West 2002). I have a very full plate between then and now between work (product launch on 8/19 and then an office move on 8/20) and getting ready for Wild West (left with one day 8/21) and balancing my home life somehow between all that.

If you're waiting on decals please e-mail me - HOWEVER I can say any decal order sent to me via Pay Pal from 7/31 or early has been shipped out -- I know in the last batch I did I even did two "by hand" envelopes because the orders came in as I was pulling them together.

Waiting on decals, paid via Pay Pal prior 7/31 - PLEASE E-MAIL ME!