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Can It Handle It



I have just got an Avalanche Z71. This is of course a 1500 and i want to add a plow but my local fisher dealer says that they won't put one on because i need to much ballast. Does anyone have a plow on a 1500? if so what kind and how does it do.
any help would be great thanks! :B:
:B: :B:

Unless your Av has Regular Production Option (RPO) VYU (Snow Plow Prep Pkg.), forget it. On the '02's you couldn't even order this option on a 1500, and for '03 you need the VYU option otherwise you void your warranty.

Go to the resources page on this site and read the On-Line Owners' Manuals for your year.


BTW - Is Fisher Olds-Chevy your dealer?
My understanding is that a proper plow can only be put on a 2500, and only if it has the factory snow plow prep package. I have heard that if you try to do it with either of those conditions absent, Chevy is likely to call it abuse of the truck, and could deny warranty claims.

The 1500 is not designed to handle that much weight, that far out in front of the truck. There are light duty homeowner type plows that either mount on the front or the trailer hitch, but these are small blades with manual controls. If you are talking the commercial style frame mounted plow, with electirc/hydraulic tilt and lift, it isn't going to happen on a 1500. :6:

-- SS
Unfortunately everyone is right. ?You will void your warrenty. ?But if you don't care I do know of one other than the homeowner manual ones that is close to commercial grade.

SnoWay makes one that is basically light weight plastic reinforced by metal frame.

Welcome to the club! YOu won't need that snow plow anyway, your driving an Avalanche now!



ygmn said:
That's right! And then you can get flooded out by a tropical storm like you were whining about the other day. >:D ;)

I don't mind having a little snow around here. At least you can go out and play in it, it looks pretty, and we don't have to worry about tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, or firestorms! :cool:

-- SS
AH SS rain and wind are not that bad...............boats...think boat.....

PS we do not freeze much around here neither.....