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Can This MOD Be Done?



Saw a 2003 Avy today in Black. What caught my eye the most was the Turn Signals in the mirrors. Can I take a set of the 2003 mirrors and put them in my 2002 and wire them to the turn signal wire harness? Has anyone done this or think it is possible? Just a thought.

Chevy Nut

FYI: Had my one year anniversery with the Avalanche on 10/4/02. That same day we rolled over the 25,000 mile mark together. :love:
This has been done by someone on this site. If you search for it you'll find it.

They didn't do it with the 2003 AV mirrors, they ordered a kit from somewhere.

IMHO, it didn't look that easy.

Here's the signal mirror topic:

Muth Signal Mirror Install

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goo929 said:
Here's the signal mirror topic:

Muth Signal Mirror Install
True enough, replacing the glass with an aftermarket signal mirror was discussed. But that wasn't really the question now, was it? >:D

The question was putting in an '03 mirror. This is interesting to me also, since I wouldn't want to give up the dimming feature. This is better discussed in this thread.

-- SS