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Can You Add Onstar At The Dealership???


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Apr 23, 2003
Marin County, California
I am supposed to take delivery of an 03' Drk Grey WBH Z71 at Noon today...2 hours...My fiance is doesnt want to take delivery of it unless it has onstar and it does not have it. I have left a message for my salesman, but no call back yet. Was wondering if anyone knew off the top of thier head if it is possible??

Oh yeah...will be tearing out he speaks and possibly the head unit in the future. From what i have read on some posts, this may be a problem..(os-1 etc??) anything that anyone can do to assist would be great...

Adding Onstar is alot more than changing a radio and adding a box. I suppose if you were so inclined to spend the money and time it would be possible. It would be alot of work. Sorry. Welcome to the club and congrats on your new toy!! :D
OnStar USED to be able to be installed at the dealer level, but that went away about '98 - '99
find the avalanche that has whatyou want.....I would not trust a dealer to insatll onstar correctlyyyyyyyyyyyy.......

why make onstar a big deal? ... it isn't worth the price anyway and a cell phone works just as well ..... just my thought ....
I already picked my Avalanche up W/o Onstar.

This is what My fiance' was figuring...

onstar is 120 a year.. insurance deduction is 100 per year and cost of AAA is 75 per year that we will cancel...

so for a savings of 55 per year, we get to use onstar's basic package....

I wanted to make her feel warm and fuzzy inside..seeing that I am now going to sell my 94 gmc C1500 and get me a motorcycle...

Thanks for everyones chime in..BTW the dealer told me the same thing...Onstar is Factory Only...Since I get my Dad's GM discount if My future wife really wants Onstar, we can buy a new 2004 Avalanche in 6 months...

smigdiggler said:
. . . . ?and get me a motorcycle...

And what does your fiancee think of this idea? ?If she's the cautious type that wants OnStar and AAA, I'll bet she ain't too thrilled with you riding such a suicide machine ;D

For me - no OnStar, no AAA . . just a cell phone but unfortunately no motorcycle either ;D
actually, I have already sent one ducati to the junk heap, but that was in my live hard die young and leave a good looking corpse days....Now my body is slowly detriorating but my mind is sharp as a tack, so I have convinced her that I am not the same fool that I was before....SUCKER!!!

anyway..as long as she drives the ave and I don't kill myelf then we are A-ok..

BTW she doesn't know that this site exist...heee heee