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Can you adjust the nerf bars on an AV?????


Full Member
Jun 17, 2007
Hey guys I have an 04 AV Z66 and the nerf bars are close to the truck, can these be adjusted or extended out an inch or two?
the brackets are pretty simple....you could get those re-made to have them stick out a little further.

FWIW...most Nerf bars look close to the truck whent the doors are closed, but, when opened, there is ample room to step...I already don't like how much it flexes and that will get worse w/ a nerf that sticks out further.
Good luck!
Thanks bro, With the doors open I swear it is took close s I have to turnmy foot side ways , even my wife will little feet says it is too close. I just think they should be out a little further.

I will get a pic.
I wondered if they were factory, but they have GM on them.
  i always thought the running boards were more useful since there was more surface area.  i just do not like the way they stick out.  if you have a lift and larger tires then that would not be a problem.