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Can you lower the drivers seat further (or how can a tall guy fit)


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Sep 15, 2007
Haven't found an answer to this one in searching/poking through
threads.   I'm looking at replacing my '95 Bronco and really like the Av,
but have one issue with it, head room/visibility.  

I'm 6'9" - with both long legs and torso - and finding a car is such fun.
Anyways, back in '03 I did buy an Av and liked it a lot, but after a year
decided my back didn't like it and had to duck too much to see the
street lights in the city. But in looking at new cars, the only ones with a
good fit is a F250 or a '03-'05 Ram 2500 (ok, FJ works, but bad lumbar
support and little storage room).

But I still love the feature set in the Av, and would love to be able to get
about 1" more head room/visibility out of it.   When I say visibility, the problem
I run into is the top of the front window and roofline intersection is too low
(and in the '03 Av that double visor made it even worse - but I removed that).
So just fixing up the head liner wouldn't work - not sure that's really doable in
the new ones with their sculpted interior.  

So I think the solution would be to lower the drivers seat about an inch.
But not sure how possible that is.   I'm guessing some foam could be cut
out of the seat bottom, but I'd rather lower the seat mechanism if possible.

Any ideas?  Anyone done something similar, or am I just in the freak of
nature side of the equation? (if only they built for the 99. 9 percentile. . . . . )

As the seat tracks sit directly on the floor. I dont see any room to remove an inch.  It "may" be possible to modify the seat frame itself. But due to safety, I would NOT reccomend doing so.  Removing cushion from the seat could work, but would give the seat a bad look visually. IMHO.

Have you tried the new 2007-08 AV'
Safety is definitely a concern I have on any seat mods, and I agree on
removing the foam's effect on visual looks, but if it works, it might be
a route to go.

I believe I have sat in an '07 not sure if '08 is different, but will double
check.   Was the sculpted ceiling padding added in the '07 model? I
have sat in one if that's the case, and it helps a lot, but it would have
been very nice if that cutout was pulled back another 2-3".

My guess is I'm out of luck, but figured I'd see if there were any brilliant
ideas out there before completely ruling out an Av (and all other Chevy/GMC
trucks for that matter).

While I could recline my seat more and solve my problems, I have several
issues with that:
  1) uncomfortable
  2) visibility is reduced, especially when off roading
  3) while I have long arms, they're not that long!

Any custom auto shop could fab some custom mounts. I have seen it done on Unique whips for a ball player with an Escalade :love:
I suppose if you have an extreme desire to own an AV and utilize it you might visit a custom Auto or Truck fabrication builder. It would be easier reinventing the wheel raising the roofline so forget that approach. I would suggest the Drivers side floorboard sheetmetal easier and more practical to deal with. It could be cut and dropped several inches from the point at which you would require the furtherest rearward movement of the seat mechanism towards the area under foot and with-in the width between the trans hump and door sill. ?This Mod completed by a knowledgeable fabricator shouldn't cost a arm and a leg either. No pun intended. At nearly 6'6" and having faced a previous neck injury I also can understand the difficulties your having with a clear line of sight looking forwards comfortably. I nearly faced your dilemma when deciding on whether purchasing the ol'e 03whitediamond was the right choice. The heights of the windshield area of full sized Chevrolet's are simply shorter than other makers of full sized trucks. Here's to wishing you the best....Dave 03whitediamond
I am 6'9'' My self and I fell your pain... I also have a sunroof in my truck and there really is no room to spare! IMHO the 07 and 08 do not offer more room but I tend to find the uncomfortable as I have a bad knee and it hits the console.... I wish you luck in you search... I have just learned to live with it as I love the AV.
Has anyone come across a solution to this?

I'm 6'5" and if I sit up straight (ie. with good posture, seat not reclined too far back), my head is pressed into the roof.  That in itself is pretty dangerous because any slight bump would cause compression in my neck.  So instead I slouch a little.  That has begun to take a toll on my back and neck, so I need to find a real solution.  I'd hate to have to give up the AV because it's "too small".

I'd be willing to replace my electric seats with manual seats or change out components or fab a new seat frame or maybe (as was suggested) modify the floor pan...  I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success in this arena before I start down a costly path - ???
I suggest going to upholster and have them shorten foam in the seat bottom...
Well in my opinion, and have seen it done before, take it to your local body shop, have them well some support pieces to the under body of the AV, then move your seat back two inches or so using the new supports to anchor it down, fill the existing holes and waalaaahhh your ready to roll, however the person thats sitting behind you won't like it much, lol.