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Feb 24, 2002
Columbus Ohio
Has anyone had any experience with companys like carsdirect.com, or any of the online car brokers?

The reason I ask this, is because carsdirect says that they can get me the AV that I want for $1,000 under invoice.

I have never dealt with one of these places before, and I am skeptical about how they can do this, or if they even can.

Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of places?
They are absolutely legit.

Those places act as "brokers" for the dealerships. They get kickbacks from the manufacturers for sending customers their way.

The way it usually works is this: you contact the car broker and they get a price and send info about your request to the closest local dealer to YOU that participates in their program.

Then the dealer contacts you with that price, or you get directed to them by the broker.

You should compare though, because different brokers have different agreements and some of them can get lower prices on certain makes and models, depending on the volume of business they send to the dealer.

FYI - hope this helps !!!
well, $1,000 below invoice sounds great to me. The only problem is, part of the agreement with them, is that if they find the exact vehicle you want for the price they quoted, you are obligated to buy it.

Browsing through some of the others, it seems they have the same policy as well. Makes it very hard to pit one against the other to get me the best deal (although they do have a low price guarantee, I guess I could use this as the bargaining tool).
;D I have dealt with CARSDIRECT and it worked out very well but it was an odd feeling. In 1999 I help my daughter buy her first car, F**d Focus. CARSDIRECT had the lowest price and back then they delivered it to the house. They offered finacing but Dad.bank was cheaper. They pulled up out front of the house, unloaded the car, took our bank check, signed papers and it was ours. Like buying a camera online only more expensive. Given the history in the US for car buying, it was an odd feeling buying a car sight unseen. (If there had been a problem with the as-delivered car, we could have keep the check and told them to fix the problem. If the delivered car is what we ordered, we had to take it. CA does not have cooling off period for car sales.)Since then, we have checked them out but we have been able to meet or beat their price at local dealers so we haven't bought from them. The local dealer beat them by some $2400 on my AV. CARSDIRECT has changed since 1999 in that you have to pick up you car at a dealer. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.