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Cat Is On My Av!

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I have a cat in my neigborhood who has taken a liken to my black Avalanche. I am noticing scratches and paw prints. My truck is parked in my driveway and this cat has even been seen jumping off my roof. is time turn my dog loose or what? I am a pet lover but when it comes to scratching a $30,000+ vehicle something must be done. I need suggestions from my fellow av owners. I am not interested in covering this truck every night and she not going to fit in the garage. I do have a canopy style driveway so she is covered from the harsh sun and rain.
Do you know who the cat's owners are? In many cities, there are by-laws for cats which make the owners fully responsible for any damage they cause. Short of locking the Av up, that is about all you can do - legally. Don't forget to get some pics should you want to speak to Mr./Mrs. neglectful-cat-owner.
I feel your pain Avaluanch! I already have some nasty scratch marks on my hood from some #%$#* cats. :cry:

'nuff said.
Heh heh heh - I have a feeling that if you did a demographic survey, cat ownership for Avalanche owners will be pretty low.

You could always hook up 110 AC to the outside body panels - that will keep the cat off of your Av! Many years ago when I was in college I had a cat from the neighbors that would be on my car every damn morning. One morning it decided to force it's independence and refused to get off (and threatened me with injury) so I did the only thing I could do. Started it up and started driving down the road. After a 50 MPH sprint and a gentle stop the sweet little kittie was more than happy to get off of my hood...
There are some animal repelants out there that you can buy. I have never tried using any on vehicles, but it sure works on the lawn.

(Owner of 2 cats, and 2 dogs)
Try the repellant - find the neighbor - call the local animal rescue or animal control.

[mem]Chief, a little sensitivity, please :cry:[/mem]
You.could place a Have-A-Heart trap on the hard cover of the truck bed.These traps capture without hurting the animal,bait with tuna or cat food.These traps are usually free to use from your local animal shelter.Once captured you turn it in to the shelter,if someone claims it you can let them now they may be liable for the damage done to your Av,if now one claims it at least its gone.
The repellent I used is a pump up pellet gun over the fence. A .17 caliber pellet in the hindqurters works wonders. Just make sure your aim is good !!!!

Whatever happened to the old days? Cat on car-bullet in ass. What's the problem?


If that "high voltage" thing is really possible I'd love to get the plans to do it. I hate cat scratches on my vehicles!! (except I think that there might be some serious liability involved.... oh well I can still dream.)
Have-a-hart traps work. I baited mine with the shells left over after a plate of peel-and-eat shrimp. Cats couldn't resist.

The sad thing is that once you turn such a trapped cat into the humane society, most of the irresponsible pet owners won't bother to get it back (they'll just get another free cat out of the paper). Did solve my problem, but I wondered the fate of the cats.

Owner of two INDOOR cats!
I feel your pain--I've had animal effects on most of my vehicles--not too many on the Av yet, as it stays in the garage.

But as the owner of 5 cats who my wife and I care about as much as our Av, let me just say that in most regions it is also illegal to torture animals for any reason. So I'll take it that your 110-volt, .17 caliber, pellet gun, etc. recommendations are just jokes. (I don't find them funny, but I'm not going to protest free speech...)

Anyway, the responsibile thing to do is to attempt to locate the owner. If this proves impossible, a humane trap is the Right Thing to do to get rid of any living nuisance. I've got a tomcat in the neighborhood that, while it hasn't done any damage to the Av, has caused $400 damage to one of my other cats, and if I ever catch him, he's getting a one-way ticket to the Humane Society. Or I'll just have him neutered and released and see if that "fixes" the problem.

Anyway, good luck, and be patient and kind.


P.S. I almost didn't read this post because I thought it was about an aftermarket catalytic converter....
Some may call me narrow minded but IMO . .

Responsible pet owner = indoor cats = fenced in dogs

Unless you own all of the land on which your animals can roam - they shouldn't! Animals that can't roam don't often get hurt (by cars or other animals) and don't damage other's property.
I agree with wrchism. my cats stay indoors, and the dogs stay behind a fence. I have turned in a couple of neighbors to the ASPCA for letting their animals roam.
As some of you know I have seven cats, all indoors, fat, dumb and happy - I had one the adopted my car - cute guy - we fed him, brought him inside after neutering and finally found a good home for him with a sweet little older lady.

Moral of the story:

Sit on my car and you will get your XXX's cut off ;D
gandolphxx said:
Moral of the story:

Sit on my car and you will get your XXX's cut off ;D

I like that story! ;D ;D ;D
Somehow the animals living at my house have "sensed" this without even so much as a spoken word or rolled up newspaper. We bring our two dogs into the garage at night and they both sleep under little mama's car. They don't even go near the AV. :cool: :cool:
Smart little doggies...

Thanks for responding everyone. I think the cat belong to my neighbor. I plan to approach him first before I move on to military mode. I sure hope this is not going to be a situation!
:eek: I feel for the owner with the scratches and feel for the owner with the cats. I have a indoor dog that sleeps with the kids and you have to be careful when you go to wake them up, nip-nip. very protective.
but what i was getting at if the owner will not take initiative like what happened next door not a month ago was a early morning shot that i heard and neighbor has been asking if anyone has seen his cat. he let him out at night to roam and in during day. i know which neighbor did it, but i am not getting involved,
Good words, all.

Our cats roam free most days and some nights. We live in a normal America tract-style neighborhood. When we first moved in, we went door-to-door in several houses in each direction introducing ourselves:

"We have 5 cats. We will let them outside. They are fixed. They may still sit/sleep/puke/crap/pee/etc. on your property or in and around your house. If they do so, let us know and we will restrict their mobility and compensate you for damages." End of story. Plus our cats have a habit of following us to the mailbox every day. It's like a collosal America's funniest video. People laugh. But suffice it to say, EVERYBODY knows who we are and which cats are ours (they all have tags identify them as ours too, of course).

We've never had an incident despite that I have noticed our cats in others' yards. I've also noticed other people's cats spraying wheels of others' vehicles, and I have notified them to that fact as well.

It obviously totally depends on the mentality and maturity of the rest of your fellow neighbors. You are right that a lot of people, pet owners especially, will let their cats, heck, even dogs, run loose and not give a rip what happens to you. Those I would report as well. But we've gotten lucky where we live that people are _sane_ and that we are willing to pay the price if our pets screw up. Problem pets do exist and can cause damage. They require a "special" home. Good luck.

This is not directed at anyone in particular, just my opinion on all of this, in general.

Each of us is responsible for the actions of our cats, dogs, iguanas, and children. It is our responsibility to ensure that none of these has the opportunity, through our own negligence or lack of sufficient oversight, to damage, defile, or otherwise encroach on someone else's property or posessions. To me, it's simply a matter of being a responsible, respectful, considerate, and civilized neighbor.

For people that let their pets run lose. . . . Do you really want to risk losing your pet to an irrate neighbor? It only takes one. Years ago, the lady down the street poisoned one of my cats and killed it, because it was trashing her garden. Who's fault was that? Mine! . . for being irresponsible and letting the cat have the run of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I didn't "get it" at the time and I had to learn a hard lesson.

For people that have kids . . . . I could speak volumes about this, but I'll just say that kids that are taught personal responsibility and to respect other people's property will not end up being the ones that ding other people's car doors and cause other property damage.
I had the same problem when I lived in a townhome. We had covered parking, and one of my jerk :mad: neighbor's cats scratched the heck out of my car. He was no help. Then I heard about an old Cajun trick: Garlic. ???
Cats hate the smell of garlic. I bought some garlic pods from the grocery store, cut them up, placed them in a Crown Royal bag, and then hung the bag from the roof (only about 1 foot lower than the ceiling) over the car. PRESTO! No more cat problems! I couldn't belive that this worked, but it did. For good measure, I would replace the garlic about every 3 months. Very cheap and effective solution for your problem.

The lady that lived next door took an old pair of panty hose, filled it with garlic, and would leave it on her windscreen between her hood and windshield. When she left for work, she simply took it off and put it on the ground, and when she would return, she'd put it back on.

Either solution is a cheap solution.
Good grief - I am impressed, now you won't have any problems with vampires either - thats a good catch. I wonder if "holy water" would help keep spots off the finish? ;D
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