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CD Player Skipping


Full Member
Sep 12, 2002
Durham, NC
Has anyone had problems with their stock CD player skipping with any kind of CD? If so under what conditions were you driving, offroading, dirt road, gravel road, highway, interstate, etc. ?
Only with a dirty CD. My 8 year old son asked me to play one of his CD's . . . skip, skip, skip. Popped it out - it looked like it had peanut butter on the back. Cleaned it off - no problem. I've not done any really intense off-roading, but have had no problems with bumps, running down dirt roads, etc.
Yep mine does when you go over rough roads, but I have a 2500 4x4 with the SnowPlow package which has heaver front springs. The dealers response was "duh" what do you expect! Duh, a CD player that does not skip!
Mine only skips with scratched CDs....which I then buff out with my DR DISK!!!!