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Change For A $1 And Mom Wants One.


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Mar 10, 2002
New Orleans, Louisiana
I've had 1 "Change for a $1.00" comment on my 2nd of owning....lol

My mom drove it, and now she wants one when she gets rid of her Mercedes SUV. I've driven both, and the AV exceeds it by far. Mercedes is just in the name for the SUV as far as SUV's. :B:
Same thing with my father...he drove mine when he came in town last year and went all googly eyed saying he has to have one.....

He hasn't bought one yet but is thinking of excuses to buy one.... >:D
My Dad drove my Sis's AV and now he is thinking of upgrading from a life time of driving Buick Park Avenue's to an AV :)
I'm trying to talk my wife into buying one for her. But she has this whole, "One of us needs to drive a sensible, gas saving car."

I drive 3 minutes to work. She drives less than a thousand yards. Who the hell needs sensible?

I mean....if we go on a family trip...we're taking the AV. I'm not riding a thousand miles in a mid size car.
Avrunner said:
Looks like the Av is gaining a lot of potential customers!

Byron: how many times has your wife driven the Av?

Heh....not much. If we're going somewhere I'm driving if we take the AV. I've let her take it a few times. I just worry about my baby. My wife too. :)
:B:My dad owns a 2001 Chezy Z-71 Pickup but after seeing me in my neww Avy....He wants one now. I said sure they are the best vehicle on the planet....but just done get the same color as mine!!! :love: My Avy is my addiction!