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Charcoal Cladding On 2003 Av Spotted!


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
The real credit goes to steelheadchaser for catching this on a story I linked to. ?In my speed to get the link up I never noticed that on this 2500 PR shot - the Avalanche shown is black with charcoal cladding! ?Also of note is the all chrome grill, including the Chevy bowtie. ?Finally, although hard to tell from this picture, the rubber appears more substantial than the 245's on the 2500 series today.

Take a look for yourself boys and girls - me thinkst this is what the 2003 2500 series will look like...

Click here

forgive me, fellow indigo blue Av owners,

but that black/black/blacked out grill/deep black tint Av looks freakin' bad-*ss
That Av does look mean....I like the look of the grill bowtie with the darker cladding..... :B:
TonyM said:
This could also be the new dark grey metalic color ???
Good call, Tony. If that's the case it is going to be a real sharp starting point for modding.
I wonder if the other colors will match the cladding like this one does....if so....I could be trading up....
Trade up? As in the whole vehicle or cladding only? If we can swap the cladding by replacing our '02 cladding with '03 cladding, and can get a good price for it....hmmm, group buy time. :)
BruceCr_ms said:
Trade up? ?As in the whole vehicle or cladding only? ?If we can swap the cladding by replacing our '02 cladding with '03 cladding, and can get a good price for it....hmmm, group buy time. ?:)

Bruce I agree - we already know the quarter panel pieces are inexpensive. I figure the most expensive piece on the Av is the massive front bumper cover - the rest has to be gravy.

To defray costs you'd new a buyer for the 2002 parts - got to be some auto parts recycler that would be interested in a stack of 2002 Avalanche cladding. I know that if I did this - I'd probably go with the 2500 front cover - I just like the looks so much better...
I am thinking of painting the upper portion of the cladding and leaving the lower for protection purpouses.

I would be interested in the darker cladding for the lower.
ive seen that pic on the chevy web site like almost a year ago. mabey its just me but that pic is made to look like it is covered in a shadow because the black paint would stand out way more. Alex
I saw the same pic but it was red and on the chevy web site. at the dealer ship in La Grande they already have color chips the new Blue :)and dark gray look nice as for the green it is the same color even the same color code they just changed the name the graphite inside is the same also but just different name. the north face has med gray/graphite leather vers. green/graphite it look alot beter also you can get all the colors on the north face avalanche. Still have not seen any pics of new cladding :-[

As soon as you guys get pricing can you forward on some sheets to us so we can post?
I have been told many things. Some of them being "Your crazy, it's just the lighting. etc....) Now my suspicions have been confirmed. GM is making the cladding darker. This is nothing new to me. I have seen the Ave all over GM literature and the web with the dark cladding. Even the Avalanche Brochure shows a picture wit the dark cladding. GM's Avalanche website has had a picture of a Black avalanche with dark cladding siince they put up the website. Obviously this cladding has been around for awhile. My question is. Why has it not been an option for the 02's and why don't they offer the cladding in other colors like Orange, White, Black, etc...?