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Cheapest Place To Buy Replacement Gold Bowtie?


Full Member
Jan 22, 2003
Colorado Springs, CO
A few of you may remember my "New Bowtie Mod" post a while back, where I used the neglected stock bowtie from the front as a tow hitch cover after I got the flag bowtie.

Well, in an unfortunate backing accident involving a certain lady in the house, it is ruined.

Where is the cheapest place, other than the dealer, to get a replacement? ...or is anyone here willing to sell one in good shape for a good price?

It's either that, or I get the aluminum one. I kinda got used to the gold one, though...
I'm being replaced? :eek:

Say it isn't so. :cry:

Sorry, couldn't resist replying to this one. :p
I want to know what kind of "mount" you have epoxied to your backside?
Uh...second though...never mind. ;D ;D ;D

I got mine for 20.00 ob ebay look under hitch cover, chevy hitch cover... Hope that helps.
I think I paid like $17 or $18 at the dealership for my 2nd gold bowtie. Not sure on the exact amount... I remember paying with a $20 and getting change.

I have found their prices to be very good but the shipping sometimes seems a little steep. I can usually still save a little money from them compared to my dealer.Just my .02
What about one of the prefered dealers of club? Vandever or Dellilio?

Also, thanks for posting that part number for me, I got home from school around 9 and completely forgot about it :)
I can't seem to find a picture online, but Bully makes a Gold Bowtie Hitch Cover that looks almost exactly like the stock one. I saw it at Wal-Mart.