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Check Out Jamie's Hard Work!


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Jan 10, 2002
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Jamie rocks!

I have to share this with everyone. If you followed the help the Chief thread you may remember that Jamie stepped up to update all the back logged Avalanche owner's reviews.

Thanks to the help from a lot of folks I've installed the Web Data Engine from WebTeacher and Jamie's scope of work changed to largely a data entry project. Mean while I've been working on the front end.

So Jamie e-mailed me to say he had ten reviews in and would keep going - so I checked this morning and now there is 28! ;D :2: ;D

So I wanted to publicly give major kudos to Jamie for his efforts - and if you want to see what the new front end is going to look like take a peek at:


Understand that the search results table is not formatted, and if you click on the view button - yikes! Totally unformatted but I think you get the idea. I'm now super motivated to finish up the formatting and get this live tonight or tomorrow.

GREAT GREAT GREAT work Jamie and thanks!!!
Loooooks gooooood,

This site just gets better and better. I want thank everyone who works hard to bring us this site.

Awesome! Another reason to advertise this site and continue passing out the club brochures!
2 (y) to Jamie for all his hardwork and dedication....as a matter of fact everyone gets a (y) for contributing in their own way and making this site so successful.... :cool:
Great work! You guys are the reason this is my favorite site. If I don't check it every day I go into withdrawals. :B:
Excellent job!!! (y) The Chief and you keep the this web-site looking and functioning great. Fantastic job all the way around. :)