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Check out my buddies new 07 Regency Addition


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Nov 4, 2005
Meridian, Mississippi
My close friend has been wanting to get a new Avalanche for a while now and he wasn't going to settle for just anything.  For the longest, he's been wanting to buy the Southern Comfort 07 but couldn't never get the deal he wanted.  Well last week he took a trip over to Jackson Mississippi and a salesman showed him the Regency Addition line of Avalanches and he was hooked.  Got the deal he wanted and brought it home the same day.  This thing is nice. The pictures don't do it justice. The only thing he wish was difference was the 20" wheels.  He wish they are the 22" wheels that come on some of the Regency Additions.  He's not on the computer much so I don't know when he's going to join but I had to post some pictures for him.


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:eek: nice, got inside pix nevermind (y)
Looks great - I like the Regency's alot better then the SoCo's.
Very nice, up here in Michigan we have a lot  of them. But first time I've seen a AV 
Very sweet indeed!

Very nice. I like the fender vents.        ....my next mod? :laugh:
Bigntall1 said:
No he doesn't.? He's a technician for AT&T. Can't say that I've heard of CertainTeed.

Well, it's now CertainTeed. It may have been named BPB, but it's a Gypsum (sheet rock) plant. CT bought them out last year and they were all renamed, but may not have changed any signage.
Wow!!!! That sure is a sweet ride.  I really like to see how sweet our AV's are developing from the General.