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Check Out The Roof Rack On The 03 Tahoe Z71



I know the Tahoe rack is longer, but does anybody know if this new rack can be modified to fit the Av which is in dire need of help in this area.
It's got a roller bar on the back to assist in loading longer items. Considering you can either stand in the bed of your Av or on the cargo covers while loading the roof rack, I don't see how it would be that useful (IMHO).
I haven't seen the Tahow but I was at a dealer looking at a Burb z71, and it's rack is part of the Z71 package and the rack is a monster, like 4 inch round tube across the back....is that what you are referring too???does it look like this another view here
I agree, the rack is too tall, and would make it even taller with a bike carrier or ski carrier, not to mention that the design is just ugly to look at.

My 2cents. Jim :cool:
As far as roof racks go, I think the only one I'd consider changing mine out for would be the one on the Escalade XLT. I like it's streamlined design.

Has anyone out there done this swap? Anyone know if the bolt holes are located in identical places, making for an easy swap?

I'll worry about price later.