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Chevy Avalanche 2500 4 X 2 Is Dead


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I don't know if anyone noticed, but the General has quietly killed the 2500 4 X 2 for 2003. ?I'm not aware of anyone that owns a 2500 4 X 2 from the 2002 model year. ?Did anyone else notice this change in the lineup?
GM Autobook still list the 2500 4X2 but you are right I was looking on the chevy website and it is not listed
Geez, Chief you sure pick up on the little details. I guess it's a matter of demand & supply, no demand so we will no longer supply.
I looked at a white 2500 4x2 when I bought my Red 1500 Z-71 ... The 2500 was about $2,300 cheaper... It was a hard choice... What made my decision was the 5 link coil rear suspension in the 1500 ... My dealership had a white one, and a black one ... Both 2002 ...
I have been trying to come up with a reason why you would buy one and can not. Can anyone give me a good reason why you would choose to upsize to the 2500 and not go 4wd?

I figure it was just a variation without a market. Once you need a 2500 you probably will need the capabilities of 4wd too.
I have about 7500 miles on my 4X2 and it's great. Sorry to hear that it may not be offered for 2003. Bought it mainly as a towing vehicle for an 8000 lb. travel trailer. I had to look for awhile to find this one but got it for $27000 including the rebate and a $1000 loyalty bonus from G.M. List was $35000. A pretty good price I think !!!The price of the 4X4 would have been about $ 3000 more. An expensive option that I probably would never use. I don't ever intend to do any off roading , dont' spend any time in any place where there is snow on the ground and will keep this vehicle for a long time. Gas mileage is better (10 mpg city, 15 mpg freeway, 8.5 mpg-10 mpg towing) than a 4X4 and the towing capacity is also a little more for the 4X2. Of course upon resale some of the additional purchase price for the 4X4 would be recouped but you have to remember that you have given up the use of that $3000 for the 5 or 10 years that one might keep this vehilce. Hey, it works for me. (y) (y) (y)
I hadn't noticed...but your right ..it probably had to do with the fact that most anyone who purchased a 2500 would purchase the 4x4 variant....the General decided to kill off the 4x2 after careful sales reports... :B:
I thought I'd seen someone that had one.

Luv2Boat's sig says that he's got a White 2003 2500 4X2. Maybe he should hold on to that one. Talk about a collector's item, if you're into that.

GM probably noticed that there wan't a large volume of 4x2 2500 AV being sold. Besides, if you noticed the change in the 4X4 for 2003, you get 1 mile to gallon better on the highway ( in 2wd mode ) than you do on the 4X2 ( 5.3 Litre motor ), why would you want the 4x2 anyway?
EarthQuake said:
I thought I'd seen someone that had one.

Luv2Boat's sig says that he's got a White 2003 2500 4X2. ?Maybe he should hold on to that one. ?Talk about a collector's item, if you're into that.


Too bad you can't wrap it up and put in back in the box....maybe worth something in a few years... ;D :B:
I found a few 4x2's down south when I was looking for an av but they were 2002's many people don't feel the need for a 4x4 when there is no snow.....Go Figure :eek:
dichris said:
why would you want the 4x2 anyway?
One of the biggest reasons to get the 2500 in the first place is for people who are towing big loads and the 4x2 has a higher towing capacity. Though obviously sales show that anyone hauling anything really heavy with the AV also wants to have the 4x option for helping get it out of sticky situations. I'm guessing pulling a horse trailer out of the mud, pulling a large boat up marina loading ramp, or maybe pulling a large camping or racing trailer through the mountains (tend to run into snow there). Those are just guesses though.
Collectors item, huh.....I like the sound of that. I sold my '01 Yukon XL 2500 4x4 to but the AV. In the last two years I needed to use 4 wheel drive once (and I live in Michigan). I use it to tow my boat with and two wheel drive will be fine. Also, I plan to do some performance mods. down the road and I like the idea of only losing 18-20% of flywheel hp instead of 28-30% in the 4x4. It may weigh a little more but getting heavy duty upgrades on a lot of the running gear made sense to me. Plus I should be somewhat unique at the meets. If we could get sponser money, it would be a great truck for the gumball rally.
luv2boat said:
Plus I should be somewhat unique at the meets.
Yeah, there shouldn't be too many of them around, seeing as GM doesn't list them. However, I guess from your sig that there really is a 2003 2500 4x2. If they are being made, I wonder why they aren't listed on the web site?

-- SS
How about a limited availability...just a thought...but that still wouldn't make any sense as to why they wouldn't advertise it.... :B:
The GM Media Site is still listing specs for 2500 2 wheel drive Avs. Does anyone out there know for certain what's what? ???
From everything I've seen, the 2003 2500 4x2 not only exists, but is still in production right now and will continue to be. Based on what I remember, I don't think this model was ever shown on the Chevy site in the first place, but I could be wrong. However, just because something isn't listed on ONE site, does not mean it no longer exists.

Actually, I "build special cars" on the net for fun sometimes, and just two days ago was building a new 2003 2500 4x2, on more than one side, and everything was there and in order, no problem.

Sorry Chief, for putting out your fire, but I think this was all just a misunderstanding, plain and simple. :)
This is getting interesting. GM BuyPower lists a price of $34,195 for a 2003 2500 two wheel drive. Although after searching a dozen high volume dealers inventory on the the net, I have yet to find one in stock anywhere. The 2003 Avalanche brochure lists it in one place, yet on a different page it is not listed. Same thing on the cdrom.
I don't think any dealers are going to order the 2500 4x2 for stock. They would have a tough time trying to sell it. They usally order them in only a few combinations.
I tend to agree...you probably aren't going to be able to go to your local lot and find one sitting there...but if you really want one they will be able to order it just like anything else.... :B: