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Chevy Avalanche Fan Club Web Site Month Of June


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Here are the vital statistics as of 6/30/02 11:59 PM:
Number of registered members: ?1,300 ?
Total unique visitors: ?62,733
Total page views: ?572,277
Total unique hits: ?5,061,319 ?
Total traffic in kilobytes: ?27.0 GIGs
Average page views per visit: 9
Average length of visit: ?13 minutes 10 seconds?
This represents an 18% increase in unique visitors and an 18% increase in page views from the month of May. ?Membership grew 50%! ?Page views was static and the average visitor stuck around for 49 less seconds. ?This is the fastest growth in members since the site creation. This also marks the first time that the average visit time has declined.

Most visited pages in order: ?
1. Discussion Board Home Page (1)
2. CAFCNA Home Page (2)
3. Chevrolet Avalanche Owners Manual PDF (3)
4. Owner's Reviews Home Page (4)
5. Resources Home Page (5)
6. Chevrolet Avalanche Accessories PDF **
7. Fun Stuff Home Page (6)
8. Cruise Database Home Page **
9. Chevy Avalanche Online Parts Guide (7)
10. Club Meeting Home Page (9)

** New to the list

Wow - what a month! ?Despite being offline for almost three days, the DNS transfer and moving over to the new server membership grew by 50% and usage grew by 18%.

Thanks everyone!

Thank you for putting in the extra effort in making this website - Truely Outstanding - the results show the real story :love:

But I do have a hard time believing the average visit is only 13 min 10 sec. :eek: I seem to be viewing it all day! This site (as many have stated) is addictive! :cool:
Good work Chief. It should be a pat on the back to you seeing those numbers as all your HARD work is paying off. Especially with the new server.

Any word on the new bbs software?


You are doing a superb job, as the numbers indicate. :love: ?As time goes on, this club will get huge, which will be beneficial to all of us. ?I'm so impressed with the talent that I've found here :D

Keep up the great work and...

:B: :B: :B:THANKS :B: :B: :B:


This is great news... THANKS for putting up with all of us... ;D

Happy AVing! :cool:
These #'s show what a tremendous job that Chief, CAFCNA Moderators & those at the CAFCNA Deity level have done to promote this site.

It has become a great wealth of information for everyone.

GREAT JOB Everyone :B: :B: :B:
Add about a 1000 to each since I was not here that much during June! >:D
Yes ... Let's hear it for the Chief (y) (y) (y)

ygmn - half of your POSTs would have been "What ... no NEONS in your ____!?" anyway ;D
Thanks for the kudos everyone! It's stuff like this that makes it all worth while! ;D :love: :B:
Bang up job Chief!! I gotta admit, I was a little scared yesterday when a new member (X-Chief) showed up. I was afraid this was you trying to tell us something :eek: >:D

Whew! glad you are still at the helm!

Seriously, I appreciate all the work you do for this excellent site.
I have a Thank you too. You're doing a great job, I'm on all the time. And thanks to Goo for straighting out some of my posts :) I'm still young (ha literaly) ;D
Ohhhhh so its your fault that we are all stuck here glued to the computer all day looking at this site and doing any work huh?

You know if I wasnt so #*@% addicted to this site and everyone here I might actually be mad......nah who am I kidding....

I love you man!

(can I have your Bud Lite?)
"Hail to the Chief Baby"....quote taken from Duke Nukem ;D
Tks alot Chief this site made my AV purchase a joy. Keep up the good work