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Chevy Cheyenne At 2003 NAIAS Video


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Jan 24, 2002
Redmond, WA
I caught this on Car & Driver TV the other day. Thought I'd post it up for others to see. I, personally, am VERY interested to see what form this truck takes when (if) it hits the streets.

Click here to see the video.

I think the gear selector between the seats will likely change, as will the seats (they're a little anemic). The dash will undoubtedly change, since there doesn't seem to be anything IN it. I do hope they extend the center console all the way forward. I like having my own cockpit. That open area on the floor makes me feel like I have a bench seat. And the rear seat configuration should allow owners to continue flaming each other about which subwoofer solution is the best. ;)

I also hope they keep the gas struts on the tailgate. Pretty smooth. The split tailgate is kind of a gimmick to me. I don't see anyone using it. Could be wrong. The front end doesn't appeal to me as much as the rest. Maybe it's the headlights.

The pictures I've seen show a glass roof, though it's not shown here. THAT'S a cool idea. Now, if they add a power rear window, they'd be set.

This is a 13.6MB file encoded in WM9. Sorry about the low quality, I wanted to keep the size down.

If you have an older version of WMP, you will hear audio, but will not see video. You can download the version 9 codec here (822kb), or just upgrade your Media Player here (9.6MB).
There are some definite things about the Cheyenne that I think will make it a big seller. I like the tailgate and the side bed opening. Plust the 500+ lbs of torque would be sweet :cool:
I still prefer the GMC Terra4 concept. A little bulkier and a nicer interior. (Though as mentioned, interiors in concepts can change a lot.)

For those interested, you can view my unsorted 2003 Edmonton Motor Show photographs. You will see several Terra4 photographs there. (I renamed the filenames to make sense. Just look for terra4-xx.jpg.)
It doesn't look like my ATV would fit in the bed. Could be wrong, but that'd be a big selling point for me. Aside from that, it looks pretty groovy.
Fish said:
It doesn't look like my ATV would fit in the bed. ?Could be wrong, but that'd be a big selling point for me. ?Aside from that, it looks pretty groovy.
You just need a smaller ATV. ;) Seriously though, I believe the bed is a standard size. Can you read the poster in front of it? Maybe it mentions it. :) I cannot remember.
Nothing about the bed size.

It mentions that it's a hybrid motor, but doesn't say in what way. ?Also says that the passenger and cargo areas can be configured in various ways. ?Wonder if that means a midgate.

Could be an interesting vehicle if it's as big, spacious, and useful as the Av. I'm still leaning towards that 500hp 6.0L in the Cheyenne though. ;D
Thanks for the clip, I missed that show.

The hybrid motor is going to be released next year. ?The hybrid engine features an electric motor between the engine and the tranny that stores electricity. It replaces the starter and alternator and increases gas mileage by 10 to 12%.

The Cheyenne looks interesting, my first impression on the styling is mixed, looks a little Ford-ish. ?I?m glad GM is talking factory super charged engines. ?The side door to the bed is sweet as is the trick tailgate. ?Where is the mid-gate? The rear seat folds down flat so a mid-gate would tie right in. If the price is reasonable the Cheyenne looks like it would be a hit. ? ?:B: