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Chicago Auto Show


Full Member
Aug 28, 2002
Dallas, TX
Well, Friday was definately the day to go....if the lady does'nt mind the auto show on Valentines Day. The snow kept the people without dates at home as well. There was nobody there!!!! It was great. Anyway...I was a little dissapointed with the precense of the AV!!! Last years show was when I decided I wanted an AV. There were foru there last year. This year......ONE!!!!!! They had a 2004 AV with no cladding!!!!! Whats with that. It was nice though. It had the steering wheel controls for the radio and the cruise control. Verey nice feature, and I think GM did a great job making it look nice as well. It was still naked though. It was a puter AV.....silver for most people. I wish they would have brought a yellow one. Since there was no cladding it just looked like a truck....thats it. Nothing special. They should have had a claddless there...along with a Z71, Z66, and a North Face.....like they did last year. They had PLENTY of floor space. Besides that I thought the show was pretty good. The new Chevy Cheyene!!!!!!! Oh my God. If Chevy comes out with this.....look forward to the Chevy Cheyene Fan Club of North America. It is seriously a BAD TRUCK!!!! It's Huge. It's Awesome. I did'nt go through the Ford Display. It was Valentines Day and my girlfriend did'nt want to. Anyway, overall, I give the show a "B". It's worth going to and spending the $10 ticket, and $12 parking. Only once though, I would'nt go twice. My two cents.