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Chipping Paint= Cheap Paint?


Full Member
Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Hey, whats up guys, i was wondering if any of you have experienced paint chipping off your AV. :C: I have at least 6-10 chips off the hood, and about 3-5 on the side panels, there are NO dents, just paint chips the size of this= o = Any suggestion what to to, will GM cover this. Im in the process of buying a bug shield for the hood, but the sides? what can i do about this annoying issue. My others cars, 93 buick skylark, 2000 escalade never had this problem.
I had a Chevy S-10 before this truck. When I bought it there were a couple chips in the hood and my dealer took care of them. It's paint was notoriously weak. I had a ton of chips when I traded it. I just said the heck with it and left them alone. I figured it gave my truck some character. I was hoping that the Avalanche didn't have the same paint problem. So far so good on mine, no chips. But I only got 2000 on it.
:mad:I too have found numerous small paint chips on hood only at this point. I will talk to dealer about this. At first i thought it was rock chips but they are on top of hood and near windshield in areas that would not be struck by stones. I had a 96 Z-71 P/U and the paint stayed great until traded last year with over 100,000 miles. It too was red. :(
The newer EPA friendly paints are not as tough as older paints.....they can and will chip....

Bug deflector helps as well as Xpel.....