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Chrome lug nuts ??????


SM 2007
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Jul 5, 2007
New York
Me again? ?:laugh:

I hope this is posted in the right place this time , who knows?
Anyways , I was wondering about chrome lug nuts and stems since it looks like I may not be getting rims till the Spring but I thought till then this may be pretty neat , however I have no clue if these will even work on my "03"
Need advise . Thanks

32 Chrome lug nuts Ford Dodge Chevy Totota lugs truck?
Chrome valve stems with the chrome lugnuts Item number: 290146703811

CHROME Gorilla Spline Lug Nuts 9/16" DODGE CHEVY FORD? ?Item number: 320147000381?

Ebay items , sorry I do not know how to create a link? ???

if you have stock rims they'd (lug nuts) be underneath the cover and you wouldn't see them
To make a link you can just cut and paste the address into your post.
Works most of the time.

And to add valve stems you will need to go to a tire shop and have the Old ones removed and the tires bead broken loose and re-installed.
Valve caps just screw on.

And don't forget pics. (y)
Hey sweetie
Well now I cannot go putting them on my baby if this is how you feel about them .

"welcome to michael jackson chevrolet?? ? ? :eek:
Your lugs, are gonna be based on your new wheels..  Most of the time the dealer will give you a great deal on the lugs as well..