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Chrome Rocker Panel Covers For WBH?


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May 27, 2003
Truck is black, ordered the escalade door handles and silverado bug deflector today. Having the Lund hood scoops put on next Sat.

I am thinking of putting on the chrome rocker panel covers like you see on the Silverado's, have avalanche ingraved into the chrome at the front of the doors, then a red pin stripe with a custom avalanche logo in the rear. (Mountins with avalanche, no 4x4)
What do you think?
How wide should the chrome be?
What side moldings to use?

To have room for engraving you might want to go with the GMC Yukon XL's moldings. They have a wide chrome strip (about 2") with a VERY wide body-color molding (about 6-7" wide).

Go with 2002's if you want the molding to go all the way back to the bumper... the 2003's stop before the wheel well. I'd suggest going to a GMC dealership to see what I'm talking about ;D
Would you say the Suburban is the closest to the WBH as far as lower body?
Pretty cool mossman
From everything I've been told and heard the WBH is all by itself just on the same chasis. I would suggest setting your ave next to a Suburban and see what it looks like. Like your idea :cool: let me know how it turns out. That would look slick on the Black Av. Plus the polished billet fuel door. (cha ching) Sounds like a good idea for my Arrival Blue... ;D