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Chrome Tubular Assist Steps Unavailable


Full Member
Sep 12, 2002
Durham, NC
Just got off the phone from ordering an Av and the dealer (spoke directly with sales manager) said the chrome tubular assist steps are no longer available and are being replaced with polished stainless steel steps. Said something about chevy not being able to get them anymore. Has anyone else run into this?
Yep, sure have! I ordered with the polished Stainless one's! No pricing yet but I was ok with that!

The other one's were having a problem with rust!!!

Has anyone on here with the chrome steel ones had a problem with rust? I am about to buy the chrome ones from someone on ebay but after reading this I may not...
Have a lead on some chrome steps myself (used). Propensity to rust though may make me think twice. Please reply if you have experienced rust on your chrome steps.
I just spoke to my dealer, he informed me that he can still get the chrome steps, but they are no longer available to order with the vehicle. He seemed aware of the issue and assured me that my chrome steps would be arriving soon. BTW, picked up my Avalanche about one week ago.
BTW, I tried ordering the grey ones to match the cladding and the dealer told me that they too were discontinued.
I have the chrome tube steps and have not experienced any problem with rust. I have had them on for 6-8 months so far and even with a wet Spring/Summer/Fall have not seen any rust. Probably a problem in other regions but not with mine.
Chevrolet's GMbuypower website now has the stainless steel tubular side steps listed when you go to build your own vehicle and are listed at same price as the old chrome steps.