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Chrome Wheel Exchange

I had mine done but I had to have my truck on jacks for a week and a half!!! They didn't have any to exchange at that time (Nov 2002). If you can wait till Monday I will call to see if he has some available to ship. Please email me with you address so I don't forget!
You may want to check out


Not sure what rims you are after but they have Z71 chromies. New chromes are $380 a piece. $25 off each rim for a set of four. So a set goes for $1420.

They have an exchange program where they will send you the rims and credit you when you send yours back. You need to call them. 877 533 7467
On ebay, fleetauto1 lists sets of 17" wheels for a buy it now price of $829.00, with $80.00 shipping. from the pictures, they look pretty nice