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Has anyone seen or heard anything on whether body color cladding is in the works for 2003 or sooner?
I am within a frog whisker of purchase ov an Av.
I've heard nothing on this matter officially or unofficially. I know that Pontiac pushed the Aztek (YECK!) for two years and they are now going to redesign it with a monochrome color scheme.

The practical side of me likes the plastic - easy to clean, no door dings (unless another equally tall vehicle parks next to me), no tree branch pin stripes when I go through the woods, road paint comes off, cheaper to replace.

I'm sure other folks will speak up here - thanks for dropping by but you got to be careful - a few more conversations and that frog whisker will disappear!

Someone on the Edmunds AV forum mentioned they saw an AV with black cladding. Custom? Next years model? The mystery begins!

Be sure the check out the pics on this forum where people have removed the cladding and done custom paint jobs.
JRH5761 said:
Has anyone seen or heard anything on whether body color cladding is in the works for 2003 or sooner?
I am within a frog whisker of purchase ov an Av.

Just a rumor. . . . I've heard they might offer the cladding in body colors. Source is not the best though. If they did, it probably would be an option.

For me, I prefer it unpainted. It looks much more bold and cool. For some, it's too bold. For me, it's perfect!

It's ideal for taking parking lot scrapes and drunken teenagers banging into it. I also have deer that wander out of the woods near the cars. I'd rather they rub and scratch themselves on unpainted cladding than on a painted surface.

If you're on the fence on getting an Av, rest assured, it's built on a tried and true platform; the Suburban . . . . Chevy must have put in a great deal of R&D on the midgate. It's a brilliant and reliable piece of engineering.
Another virtue of the cladding I've come to appreciate is that the painted surface remaining is nice and high which saves a lot of backache during a wash and wax job.

I am with you - too old to bend that low. The painted cladding costs about $2000 in So Cal - probably could be done by any reputable body shop. The real question is wether it will scratch of in the brush.

The ability to replace a 1/4 panel for about $50 is very attractive.
:)I REALLY like the cladding.At first,I didn't care much for the look--so I got a "pewter" because it tend to blend in with the color of the cladding.But it grows on ya.
Now I like it's appearance on all colors.As has been repeatedly nentioned,it is very utilitarian.I'd suggest buying the Avy and then deciding after a few weeks.
I stopped at my local dealership (Pittsburgh) to inquire about painting my cladding. The dealer said they got a memo from corporate that states that if a dealer paints the cladding, the GM warranty will not cover any problems with the paint in the future. He said his dealership would not do the painting, but could refer me to a body shop that could do it.

Also, off topic, they had an AV in the showroom with 18" wheels.....it looked great! But talk about a reaming...they were adding $2000 to the sticker for the rims and tires.