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Cladding Removal You May Or May Not Wish To Try



I just removed the door cladding as well as the fender cladding with a simple idea but you have to be able to get to the back of it of course the doors are no problem the panel comes off easy.here goes I used a 8mm socket and pressed it on the clip it works better and faster than pliers or vise grips also forother places harder to reac try a long 8mm wrench at least i think it was a 8mm but you get the idea no money will be refunded if this does not work for you just trying to help chico
You may want to read up on ALASKA av and his triumph of removing and painting his cladding......
Can anyone tell me if the door cladding will fit an 05/06 model Avalanche ?
I really quite like the look it gives to the earlier model trucks I have seen and was wondering if or where I could source it and would it be able to fit on my truck.
I am planning a full repaint in the future and if possible thought it would give My Avalanche a bolder and more attractive look by adding it to my refinishing plan.

TIA MrDingo2U
cLadding only fits models with cladding which were made 2002-2006.

ygmn is correct the lower cladding will only fit an AV made for it in the first generation AVs. If you look at old threads about removing the cladding you will see the door skin has lots of holes in it to hold the clips that hold the cladding on.
Some members who liked the rugged look used a spray on finish like Line-X  to give durability and ruggedness to a WBH (without body hardware) AV.