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Cladding Rubbing Into Your Paint?

Anyone see problems in these areas?

  • Under the rear storage bin lids?

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • Rubbing into the door paint

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Front fender

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rear lower fender

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I noticed a black AV with rub marks just starting under the front egde of the rear storage lid, this was a brand new truck not off the lot yet too.

Just wondered how everyones trucks are doing with some real miles and road coditions on them.
i did notice one time when i slammed the side compartment shut i had a little mark on the paint. i told myself never to slam it shut. figure this way i should not have to worry about thie problem again. :B:
I'll have to admit, I had not seen any signs of cladding rubbing into my paint. I had to verify this after reading this post and discovered nothing. I guess I'm lucky.

Good to hear not many problems with this, i think the one i saw that was starting to rub a small spot was because the storage door was not alined right it seemed like it may have been rubbing when going over large speed bumbs or pot hole, maybe even being slamed shut or sat on.

Just thought i'd see if it was a small problem or not and maybe save someone who didnt notice it, before they had any real paint damage.
I noticed my bumper had rubbed the paint of on my front fenders when I took it off to paint it. While the bumper was off I touched up the rubber paint area and sanded the back edge of the bumper in that area down some to give more clearance. havent noticed any problems since. I think my problems arose from ?my wrecking the front end of my AV last summer.

Oh and I just turned 44,000 miles
Hey Dave have you noticed the truck metal area rubbing the paint off your cladding ? (y) ;) :D ;D :2: Ha Ha Ha. :cautious: So I am not funny - sue me :rolleyes: