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Cleaning And Detailing Bed Liner


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Jan 10, 2002
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What do you recommend to clean and detail the bed liner to restore it to looking new?
Soap and water ?;D No really are you talking about the inside of the bed? Meaning rubber mat and plastic side walls. I used the hose and some car wash soap. If you are talking about the 3 piece covers I used the same soap and water. Some guys recommend some protectant. Not sure what it is called. I have not put anything on yet but will soon to keep it from fading.

It is called 303 Protectant. There is a post about it check it out
One thing that is real important about the bed liner. Be sure to remove the bed mat so you can clean the floor, inspect the drains, and wax the metal surface under the mat. You should do this every four to eight weeks depending on use and climate. The recommendation is right in your owners manual. Also when you clean the bed if you go in be sure you don't wear any shoes. If you don't want to scratch up your bed you don't want to track in any dirt while climbing around. If you're not using your bed then you can probably get away with drying out the metal surface (there will be water between the mat and the metal) airing out the mat and replacing it.

As far as the inside plastic, I'd use a treatment (Eagle One, Mothers, Zaino - NO Armor All). The bed mat because of it's no skid surface (no skid almost to a fault) I'd just use plain old soap and water.
For the bed liner you can use a tire cleaner for stubborn stains. But normal washing should just be done with car wash soap.

Take it out and clean bothe sides using a soft brush so as not to scratch the rubber. CLean the bed real well with car wash soap too. Dry and wax.

You canapply protectant to the rubber mat but things will slide around a bit more. I suggest using a light coating of PDMS type dressings like 303 or Zaino tire dressing.
i've heard this before "NO Armor All" - why is that? why exactly do people suggest not using that stuff?
Hey Dom:

The problem is long term Armor All starts to dry your plastic parts out and can actually cause damage. This usually manifests itself by dulling the finish and shows up the worst on tires that will start to turn brown from long term Armor All use.

A quick wipe now and then (say at a you-do-it spray car wash and you buy one of those $1 packets) to either do your tires or wipe the dust off your dash isn't the end of the world.

Eagle One and Zaino are probably the best stuff on the market. Sadly Zaino is web order, phone, mail only, and Eagle One interior protectorant is almost impossible to find (blew an hour searching for it today).
The Armor all product has the bad silicones in it that destroy the tires in the long run.

There are lawsuits and the such but it takes a long time and a lot of this stuff to do damage.

I use Armor all and STP inside the wheel wells to make them look new again.

This is my first POST after being on the board for a week.

Hopefully this can help with your BED detail question.

OH ... Back when my only MOD was Amber DRL's :rolleyes:

And look at the help I gave you >:D
ygmn said:
And look at the help I gave you >:D
This was the week before I installed my NEONs!

I hope everyone isn't neglecting their bed ;D

Good heads up on the paint beneath the mat. Chief, I also heard from a reliable source that most Armor All type products have silicone in them, which hurts paint over time. I read on another thread on this topic about a 3m vinyl protectant for boats that someone was using it sounded interesting. Believe it or not peanut butter will work (peanut oil). I'm still considering my options at this point. I'd rather use the right product to begin with. The last thing I want is to see streaks on the paint.
Peanut butter can be used to remove wax build up on trim pieces and the cladding....oils from it would attract dirt so it must be cleaned up afterwards.

Any advice on using (or not using) a "home" pressure washer in the bed? At low pressure, shouldn't it be safe and easy to clean both the bed and oh-so-sticky liner? Of course, I don't want to risk splitting the liner or super-impregnating it with water. Any thoughts?
DO not get to close to the midgat seals with the pressure washer as it may squirt water inside truck.... >:D

Other than that just watch how close you get with the wand and be careful...I use a hose, soft brush, and car shampoo.
flint350 said:
Any advice on using (or not using) a "home" pressure washer in the bed? ?At low pressure, shouldn't it be safe and easy to clean both the bed and oh-so-sticky liner? ?Of course, I don't want to risk splitting the liner or super-impregnating it with water. ?Any thoughts?

Two weeks ago, I opened up the midgate, and backed the AV down to the curb for good runoff. I use a 2400 psi pressure washer for cleaning the cladding, fender wells, and the engine. Now, add the bed to the list.

There's no problems, so long as you don't park downhill while washing.

You do still need to pull the mat out periodically and wash it off on both sides. Flush out the bed while your at it, dry it out, then you're done.

As far as impregnating the mat with water, I used the pencil stream on there with no problems. Blast away. ;D
forget about the rubber bedliner and get your bed sprayed with Line-X. i got a $150 quote today. i'm going to do it so i can get heavy things in and out easier. you all know how hard it is to get anything in or out of the bed with the panels installed. the object just sticks to that rubber surface like glue. that's only good once you are moving.
not only that, but the water under the mat does not help either. this can cause some problems in the future. then you will never have to wax your bed again. i have a problem waxing something you or anyone else will not see on a regular basis. nuff said. :B:
02...when you were looking into getting the bed sprayed did they tell you they would avoid sealing the drainage system....I also thought about doing this because of the fact I think it is a pita to slide things back and forth on the rubber mat.....never had any issues keeping it nice and clean underneath....doing it periodically should do the trick... :B:
I had the center section of the bed sprayed with Line-X for the express purpose of protection from rust between the mat and the bed.

Seems like the painted surface under a bed mat always gets scratched, is always wet from condensation and willl always rust sooner or later.

Line-X is great as it can be applied in really thin coats and it is dry about as soon as it is applied.
You are right though, got to watch them so they don't cover drains.

I hope I have solved the problem before it happened.
Is this something that you can get sprayed on the bed to cover up scratches?

If so, why spray it on before you have to ?

Just wondering.

I take the rubber mat out and air it out and wipe down the inside of the bed regularly. I havent noticed any sign of rust yet, but no scratches either.
I keep my mat out all the time, to prevent the water/dirt buildup and a good place for rust to start.
Then I just throw it in when I know I'm gonna need it.

I do a total bed wash probably monthly.
I try to be really careful about any scratches under there....if not disturbed I won't have to worry about rust...I think that would bring a tear to my eye.... :C: :B:
hey NJAV, yes the Line-X man told me he would not cover-up the drainage system in the bed. he told he has never sprayed an AV to date.
he had me open the complete bed area to get a good look at what he was about to embark on. what he would do is spray around the corner drains in the front and rear of the bed. then, he would spray upto, and with a little overlap underneath, the rear plastic grate the extends across the bed near the mid-gate.
sounds like a good deal to me. i'm just a little upset i can't get the tailgate sprayed to protect it from scratches. :8: but, i guess the bed is my main concern. :B:
I always thought the pro-tec...would hold up better with the scratches and scuff marks than it has.....seems like it is vulnerable to everything sharp....I feel your pain.. :B:
yeah i thought the pro-tec would hold-up better too. it just seems like it was a waste to put it on the tailgate. it isn't doing any better than the paint would have.
i normally would load something heavy on the tailgate, climb up on the tailgate, then pick it up once i'm up in the bed. other people just slide the crap across the tailgate. i do not know if they are just ignorant, or do not care.
but, that is how i got the first scratches. so it seemed kinda of pointless for me to continue to be careful. i figured i had the Line-X to back me up. unfortunately, i was told the Line-X application would not stick to the pro-tec. :8: guess i still need to be very careful. ???