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Close Your Door - How Much Force Does It Take?


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Jan 18, 2003
Columbus, Ohio
I was wondering if there is any standard way to know if your doors are adjusted correctly? I noticed that my driver side door and my rear passenger door take considerable force to close and open while the other two doors close without much force.

I've never experienced this before. My wife is always leaving the door adjar because she is not slamming it shut. No big deal until it rains.

I learned this a LONG time ago from an old guy who got very pissed when people slammed his car doors....
Most people THROW a car door at it's hole. They let go before it even reaches the hole and expect it to close on momentum.
The best way to close a car door is to gently push it shut, KEEPING YOUR HAND ON IT and keeping up the gentle push until it closes.
Any door that hasn't been already abused a lot will close sweetly and reliably like this.
beefy sounds like you need your strikers adjusted/./////slamming should not be required/////little girls should be able to close the doors....
Ditto on that. My little girl told me the day I bought my AV "I can close my own door on this truck daddy".

Check those strikers to see if they are lined up. A good service dept should be able to take care of that while you wait.

Thanks guys...thats all I need to know.

I just got it out of the shop for a rattle in the door. They READJUSTED the strike plate and now I NEED to slam it in order for it to close properly.

Back in I go!

Frickin nimwhits! Got rid of the rattle though
Rusty and I get peeved when any vehicle door is slammed! :mad: That is how rattles and squeaks start, never to be fixed again!

It does seem like our Av might need the strikers checked. All the doors will close, but not tightly without a little extra effort. I have been wondering about this, and will have it checked when the new foglight assembly is put in our Av (which is ordered).

Thanks for the info and bringing this up!