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Clunking Sound When I Turn Right



For four days everytime I turned right I would hear a clunking sound coming from the right front of my 1500 Z66. When I sat on the passenger side of the vehicle, I could actually feel the clunking on the floor (um, hubby was driving). So first thing Monday morning I call the dealer and he says to bring it in Weds. morning. Guess what?! On my way to the dealer the darn thing didn't clunk once nor any time during the test drive to show the tech. What's up with that?! They put it up on the rack just to check and see if anything was loose - nope.
All I can think of is that when I went thru the car wash the night before, a stone or clump of debris washed off. But it really didn't sound like that and my husband agrees. I'm leaving for a 3 week vacation on Friday and really hate to think of something breaking on my AV while on the road. Have any of you had the clunking sound on yours?
Betsy :-*
data don I have heard this clunk at very low speeds, like backing out of a parking space, and it would not do it the second time maybe a ball joint is dry it seemed to be at full lock when it happened im listening for it again, am going to stop right there and crawl under to look at the geometry angle of tie bar and stuff
I have had my Z66 1500 in the shop 3 times at one dealer and 3 times at another dealer and it is still making this noise!!! :8: Each time they say it's something different. It stops for about a week or 2 then starts back up again. Anyone know what it is and how to fix it properly?

TX_Ghostwheel said:
I have had my Z66 1500 in the shop 3 times at one dealer and 3 times at another dealer and it is still making this noise!!! :8: Each time they say it's something different. It stops for about a week or 2 then starts back up again. Anyone know what it is and how to fix it properly?


Mine's been "fixed" once, but it's back again. That time, it was the body mounts. What's been done to "fix" yours?

Does your truck have the locking rear diff? I know that when it engages it will make a clunking sound. Just another thought to throw out here.
I had the same problem with my 1500 Z66. I took it to the Dealer and they said that it was the MID_SHAFT in the steering. They installed a lube kit :D and it seemed to fix it for a while.
But two days ago it returned. :7: The Dealer said if it returned they would replace the mid-shaft. I'll find out on Monday next week when I take it back. I don't have the time this week. I hope it don't mess anything else up. Ohhh well. :cautious:
I hope the fix yours.

They have blamed it on the mid-shaft, they have replaced the sterring box, they have blamed the tire stops. Each time it's something different? I don't know what to think anymore. Now I just read the Warrenty Gold thread am I'm really concerned because they are who I purchased my ext warrenty through.
I have a 03 z66 1500 as well. The clunking noise is present in mine as well as a loud power steering noise when pulling out of parking spaces... I just know when I take it in this week they won't be able to "duplicate" the problem :rolleyes:
I had a clunking noise coming from the front driver's side at less than 30K. Took it to the dealer twice and the second time they replaced the mid-shaft, of course they didn't get it the first trip. This is what the tech should be doing to start fixing your problem http://edtazelaar.tripod.com/avclunk.htm. Here is what the upper part of the mid-shaft looks like. I hope they get it fixed. I also heard from one tech that the fluid in the steering box was wrong at the factory on some of the Silverados and it leaked out causing this problem too. The Av uses the same box.


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Tell the dealer to check the ring and pinion in the rear axle ratio.

This caused the problem on my truck, there is a definite problem with this part on the 03s.
Even though I'm totally in love with my 'lanche it's had way too many front end probs.
Started off with cockeyed steering wheel and pulling to the right, took 3 alinements (sp) and 3 months to totally fix.
Heavy groaning from steering at low speed lock to lock, dealer couldn't lell the difference between a squeal and a groan and first tried greasing stops before replacing the whole steering gear assembly.
Next came the random shuddering caused by a faulty brake vacum booster and ABS sensor, both of which were replaced. (they also replaced a stub axle at this time, not sure why)

...and finally (I hope) getting to the subject of this thread, that most common Avalanche mechanical problem, the dreaded cracking from the front on sharp turns. So, it's had the standard greasing of chassis mounts (twice) and lubing of intermediate shaft (twice) and it's as bad as ever.
So wadda you think? Will a brand new intermediate shaft do the trick?
I've got a 'lanche that sounds like my old Granny with all those crackings, moaning and groanings.
I took my Av in for service warranty repairs yesterday. One of the problems was the clunking sound during steering. They said they replaced the intermediate shaft. Can anyone explain to me in layman's terms what this part is? They also claim that took care of the squeaking coming from the lower driver's side dash. Somehow I doubt that.

I also took the Av in for moisture in the fog light, delaminated bow tie on grill, and rear door cladding that was starting to peel from the door at the front edge. They ordered new cladding for that area. I wonder if it will match since the existing cladding is 19 months old....

Funny part was that I kept referring to the word cladding and the service writer didn't know what I was talking about. He kept saying "you mean the moulding?" Whatever dude - get with the program! ;)
midlifecrisis said:
They said they replaced the intermediate shaft. Can anyone explain to me in layman's terms what this part is?
It is the rod that connects the steering wheel inside the cab to the steering box at the front axle. It is this shaft that transmits the twisting motion of the steering wheel to the steering box in order to make the front wheels steer.

The intermediate shaft has a slip joint in it so that in an accident it can compress it down to a shorter length. That is so if the front end is crushed, pushing the front wheels back, the steering wheel is not driven into the driver. :eek:

Unfortunately, it is this slip joint that has some play in it, causing the clunk sound/feel. Sometimes lubricating it helps, other times they replace the shaft.

-- SS
In an earlier post I said I would bring in my AV to get the dealer to look at it some more.
Well, I still haven't made it to the dealer. The clunk only happens once to twice a week. :6:
It only makes the clunking sound when I've already turned right and the suspension flexes up or down. :E:
I hope it's safe to drive, I don't feel anything in the steering when it clunks.
Just seems like when the suspension is moved in a turn, it must bind a piece of the suspension - maybe sterring link or something.
Has anyone found this to be the same that their experiencing?
Dropped my 03 off for the clunking noise last night. (along with about 10 other front end issues) I was told that the shaft had the incorrect grease in it from the factory. They would repack it with the proper grease and if it returned they would replace it.

It was also making a clicking noise when turning it to spots at a sharp angle. This was attributed to the sttering box or a improperly torqued tie rod.

Hope this helps.
I have a '02 Z66 with about 32K miles on it. I took mine to the dealer with this problem about four weeks ago and it has been resolved. They found that the lower control arm was loose. They re-torqued it to specs and it's been fine since. :)
Welcome to the club jimc and thanks for the info......

hopefully it will help others...
I've had my '02 Z66 in several times for this problem and they diagnosed it as the loose bolts on the front cross member. They claimed that the undercoating was thick in this location which prevented the proper torgue on the bolts and nuts. After tightening, the noise went away for the most part but when the ambient air temperature is quite high (over 85 degrees) it still does it. There is another thread on the Board where this solution was discussed in detail. The dealer that fixed mine did not install nylon washers between the bolt head, nut and the cross member as was described in the post that I can' find right now. :8:

I believe that if this was done, the noise would go away under all circumstances.
my new 03 z66 has only 1800 miles on it and it makes the clicking noise when it is turned all the way to the right. Just one loud click usually. I need to get it in. I just don't want to give up my Av for any period of time.
I also have a clunk when it shifts out of first....could this be the locking differential? It is barely noticeable, but being a brand new vehicle I am very weary of any little thing that I find abnormal :B:
Thanks everyone for their input. My 2003 WBH 1500 is in the Chevy Service Dept. today for just this reason.

I will share this topic with them tomorrow, as they couldn't figure it out today after 6 hours of tightening bolts and test drives! I was treated with great customer service though, I must note that!

Is the link http://edtazelaar.tripod.com/avclunk.htm an official TSB?

Yes, http://edtazelaar.tripod.com/avclunk.htm is an official TSB. I cut & pasted this to my website, straight out of my Service Manual Software, the Document # didn't go for some reason. It's Document ID # 755324. Sorry for any inconvenience. I've also corrected the webpage so it displays the correct ID#.

I just had mine in last week for simular problem, the dealer found the front crossmember rubbing on the frame, they removed the crossmember, cleaned off the undercoating then retoqued the bolts. So far this has been working.