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Color Matching My Mods?


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Jan 23, 2002
Forked River, New Jersey
I have a summit white AV and I have hood scoops that I want to paint that will match my truck color. Where and what can I use that will match the summit white color. Also I have a black GoRhino hitch step that I want to paint gray to match the cladding. ???
lordvader, go to your local auto parts store and pick up Dupi-Color Truck, Van & SUV paint. The color you want is Olympic White(code T174). That will match the Summit white. Be sure to pick up some clear coat also, that will give it that shine. check out my pics, I did the taillight covers. They were smoked when I picked them up. And above all else TAKE YOUR TIME, many light coats are better than one heavy coat.
The Olympic White is what I used on my bowtie and it is a perfect match. Be sure to use the clear coat also.
After driving to San Antonio on Saturday morning(50 watt fogs attract bugs like crazy) I was suprised at how good it looked after I washed it.
Like Rockslide said, lots of light coats are better than a few heavy coats. Good Luck :B: :B:

:) thanks rockslide for the white color info. I like how your tailight covers look painted white. Do you know what color gray would match the claddin so I can paint my hitch step?
OK, so what do you get for the 2002 Victory Red? Went to the Duplicolor section of the auto stor and looked in the new book.

No Products available for Victory Red.
Hey Redav,

I got the Victory Dupli-color at a Local Kragens, I actually had to go to 3 stores before I found a store with some instock. (T 400)
lordvader said:
:) thanks rockslide for the white color info. ?I like how your tailight covers look painted white. ? Do you know what color gray would match the claddin so I can paint my hitch step?

sorry I don't have a clue? I haven't painted anything to match the cladding yet. Just what are you painting to match the cladding?
get your paint codes, and go into a paint store, they should be able to mix you up a can of spray paint from the paint codes. or, you can order some from paintscratch.com or a whole slew of others.

as far as matching the cladding... not sure. that is a molded in color, and not paint. All I can say is grab a bunch of different grey colors, and test them to see which is the closest match.
Hey Spork_av...

Last night I was browsing the forums and came across a pic of your SOM "avalanche" paint job on the cladding.


Anyways.. a few questions..

1. Did you clear coat the SOM after you painted it on the cladding?
2. What type of brush did you used for this? I have a lot of experience painting details on small plastic models, so I think this mod wouldn't be too hard if I was patient...

3. Any tips and tricks for doing this paint job? I am planning on getting my paint from Paintscratch.com (I think a little 1/2 oz. bottle will do it? or should I go 2oz?

Thanks Spork_av... I love my SOM.. it is such brilliant color...
yes, primer, paint, gloss coat.

I sprayed mine. ?It would take a very very steady hand to paint with a brush..

oh, I forgot to put in a tip....

Tip #1. it is not a simple thing to tape off and paint the letters. Don't even try it, if you have never taped off and sprayed paint before.

Tip #2. use grey primer instead of white (DOH!!!)

So you taped the whole thing off?? Any tips for doing that on such a bumpy surface??

could you please send me a link to that picture again of the SOM on the cladding? I just can't find it!
Hehehe.. I am going to keep asking questions now.. I know you are on!!

I have done some taping and autobody repair before, and I haven't had too many problems.. but man... that is one ROUGH Surface.. Did you paint the surfaces or surfaces and valley's?

It must have taken a lot of time to tape that up. Any recommendations on type of tape for that surface?

Thanks.. I'll leave you alone now!! I am just so envious of your SOM inserts!!!! (y)
look up the thread for the stripeman lettering... it is in there someplace.

I painted the tops and sides of the letters, because it was easier to get a good straight cut there. I used standard blue painters tape. It took about 1 hour per side to tape off, due to all the extremely small spaces, and cuts that had to be made. I then taped really well along all the edges, to make sure of no paint leakage., through a tarp over the rest of it, taping it down, and hit it with the spray. (standard surface prep was also done).

because the tape ends up being at an angle to the painted surface, and because primer and paint actually have a thickness to them, when I pulled off the tape, a thin line of white could be seen around the letters (I used white primer)... I had to go in and trim all of that white off.... so, use grey primer that will just blend back into the cladding.
Yes, I was Spork_av... I can't wait to attempt it...

Hope I don't mess up!! Might take a few weeks to develop the courage to do it.. ;)
I need to know what color vinyl for raised avalanche lettering from Auto trim design. That will macth 02 indigo blue. They suggest stellar blue any bodie know.
i'd definitely have to recommend all novice painters to Paintscratch.com, and thank spork for that link. (y)

i came to spork for help on SOM paint this weekend, and after searching that link, i found several tips for the novice painter, such as step by step instructions of: how to paint, what to buy, exact color matching, etc; esp. for spray can instructions, which is what im going to do.

now, i dont feel as clueless and im ready to paint away; hopefully i dont get paint crazy :3: :2:
Please help trying to find color codes for Dark green metallic so i can paint some mods for my 2003 dark green metallic z71

thanks rich