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Come Chat With Your Fellow Avalanche Fans


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Jan 10, 2002
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Yup - we're going to do it. Starting up weekly chat sessions. If you care to join in an online chat with your fellow Avalanche owners log on and enter the chat room

Click here for chat or simply select the Chat icon on the tool bar.

The first chat is scheduled for this Friday, March 22nd. Here are the times for members to log in (so we're all here together)

Atlantic Time (Canada) 11:00 PM AST
Eastern Time (United States) 10:00 PM EST
Central Time (United States) 9:00 PM CST
Mountain Time (United States) 8:00 PM MST
Pacific Time (United States) 7:00 PM PST
Alaskan Time (United States & Canada) 6:00 PM AST
Hawaii (United States) 5:00 PM HST

This is the best time to allow everyone from coast to coast to log in. So this Friday - be there for just a friendly open chat with fellow Avalanche owners!
That is today in about 25 minutes. Just in case someone forgot ;D
I tried to log on 3 times and it shut down my pc everytime. Don't know what the problems is :-[ Anyone else not able to enter???
On my computer - Internet Explorer went into an error mode and shut down :( Tried again and another error code! duh! ???
I tried logging on to the chat 4 times. A window kept opening telling me I had to download something to the explorer program to veiw it. The download time said 40 minutes. Then I kept getting a blank chat screen. Oh well, maybe next time.
Sorry guys - that's Java - complaints noted on first chat and I'll troubleshoot
I know it works, when i first got message, i clicked the chat button chief had in his post and it took me to the site,,,,like a ICQ type deal with the avalanche club listed but of course i was the only one there...........later
The channel is also accesible through most IRC clients (like MiRC) it might be easier for some to use it that way.

So, if anyone has the channel mapped, and can put some instructions on here, it might help these people who can't use the java for some reason or another.
;D Fortunately for me all I had to do was click the chat button on the tool bar and I was in on the chat. I do have a Power Mac with OS 9.whatever and I used MSExplorer. If that hadn't worked I would have tried Netscape. One or the other has always worked. Great job Chief!! I enjoyed the chat and hope to more.