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conflicting info on the "mute" wire


Full Member
May 9, 2007
I am thouroughly confused on the information concerning the grey/black mute wire that I find connected to my factory HU.   I believe it was the B6 wire. . .   I have a 2006 with Bose, Onstar and XM.   Is the mute from onstar through their serial data, or can a Bluetooth kit be used connected to this to place the HU in "phone" mode.   I have done the install and it does not seem to move over to the phone mode allowing me to hear the called party.   I can use the onstar phone button to hear the called party for a brief time until the onstar times out.   I do, however have to compete with both voice activated dialing women talking at the same time.   I know that some of you guys have done this install, and I was hoping to do the install without the relay method that turns the HU off.
Let me start by saying that Jason with JP Customs is awesome!  If you need accessories that he carries, use him.  He goes far beyond the requirements of a online retailer.

Jason was able to point out that although it is undocumented, Pin A on the 12 pin Connector 2 is the mute wire.  This does not come with a connection from the factory, but Jason had sent me a pin connector to use.  This operates perfectly, and you do not need the GMCELLV2 product or any of the other "mute" devices for cell phone integration to this system.  I had purchased the GMCELLV2 and luckily I had not opened it and can send it back.