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Cool Palm Pilot Avalanche Background


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Sep 23, 2002
Atlanta, Georgia (Alpharetta)
Well I just got the coolest thing you can add to your palm pilot! It is a Chevy tucks background that allows you to selcet the avalanche and gives your palm wall paper! I have attached the file, there is a BW- Black and white and a color file! So enjoy! Let me know what you think! I have also attached the install instructions from chevy!

Dear Customer:

Attached is your Backdrop wallpaper application, compliments of Chevy Trucks.

To install, click twice on the attached zip file to open it, and then click on the appropriate
.prc file icon and follow the instructions for adding this to your Palm OS(R) device via the
Palm Install(TM) tool. (Note: There are separate versions for B&W and color devices. You must
have Palm OS 3.5 or above installed on your device for color, 3.1 for B & W.*)

If you like, you can email this application to your friends and colleagues or beam it right to
their device.

And for more information about Chevy Trucks, please visit our website at http://www.chevy.com.

The Chevy Trucks Team

*Backdrop will not function on Sony Clies such as the NR70 with 320 x 480 screens or Palm OS 5
Tungsten devices.

For support questions contact: chevy@avantgo.com

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Neat - thanks for posting it!

Unfortunately I can't use it on my new device which is a Sony NX-70. Figures... :6: but I can use it on my other test Palms! :D
I've made a few of my truck for my Windows CE device. Maybe one of these I'll make a few and post 'em, unless everyone wants to use pictures of my AV. :)

Very cool. Have now spent 10 minutes "playing" with all the settings. Has anyone had any problems with their Palm going dead?

I've downloaded, unzipped, HotSynced, danced a little jig, then showed it off to my wife!

She was a wee less excited than I, but everyone has their faults.

(I didn't say that.)
Thanks Greenmachine, I searched some of the PPC sites could not find one.

Phantom said:
Thanks Greenmachine, I searched some of the PPC sites could not find one.


Now that is one good looking background screen! ;D
Ya'll are just evil. EVIL I tell ya.

Making me get more and more stuff for my day to day tools thereby making me want more mods for the AV, thereby taking christmas money out of my daughters toy fund. Evil...

Now where did I put that card......