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Cool Warnings


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
Yesterday in the predawn morning, I was out in the coastal mountains getting ready for the timber company to open the gate. While sitting there a flicker caught my eye. The temp on the mirror was changing back and forth between 34 degrees and 'ice'. I thought that was a cool little feature.

Have you come across this or any other cool little warnings from your AV?
Bought my AV last November in the Seattle area, and it almost daily would display ICE....now that I am living in SoCal, and it has been pretty hot this summer, I wish it would say "HOT" when it displayed over 100!!! :0:
I saw the "ICE" warning quite a bit last winter being up here in MI. I take it as a sign to get a little chirp out of those rear tires...warm em up a little >:D
We had our first freeze overnight since I purchased my AV. The wife does not like the AV and thinks all of the little gadgets are very unnecessary. On the way to town this morning she noticed the "ice" on the temp guage and asked in a very sarcastic way, "does it tell you when it rains too?" She does like the bun burners..but won't admit it.
i noticed that on our old 00 GMC Safari van then i thought it would be on this and i just saw it the other day
pdxkevin said:
?The temp on the mirror was changing back and forth between 34 degrees and 'ice'. ?I thought that was a cool little feature.

I've seen that once or twice before. Not that often down here in Texas though!!!
It's obviously natural to see that warning here in CO ;D. I saw it a bunch of times last winter and I've already seen it this year!
Yeah I seen it to,I came out to my truck one night and there was frost on my window,and when I started it up and the ice came on,I had to chuckle to myself,and said no sh*t sherlock ?;D,but at least it was right.
I :love:my :B:AV
Here's a warning that I get every so often;

"I swear if you turn you head once more to look at another woman, I'll smack you so hard!" I'm not sure if it's vehicle related though. :cool:
Skidd, you are always good for some humor. (y)

I bet at least 500 of your 1300+ posts are good for a chuckle.

Sounds like you are "happily" married too.

I didn't realize how often I checked the thermometer until I had been in a loaner vehicle this week without it.

I am really spoiled, miss the speed compensated volume too and the power windows and power locks and self dimming mirrors and power seats and CD player and smooth ride and... well you get the idea.
The other chevy vehicles used to do that too. The first time I saw it change from the temp. to "ice" was in a 97 Tahoe.
I was driving up Mt. Hood this summer, and was racing around the turns to go up to a snow area. The ground was dry, but it was night so I couldn't see, and my friend was yelling at me to slow down. I told him to shut it because the ground was dry, but my Avy flashed "ice." I guess my Av is smarter than I am. In fact, I know it is!!! (y)