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Covering Up Your Avalanche



Has anyone used or perhaps seen a cover that use can use at night for the AV? I do not have a garage and would like to keep the leaves,dust etc off the truck at night.
Even a half type cover that covers the top and paint down to the cladding would do.
I was thinking of a lightweight nylon type cover (I'm in South Florida...no snow).
Any ideas? :0:

There's a cover in the Avalanche accessories catalog my dealer's accessories guy gave me. I believe it was around $329. Black with the Av logo on the hood end. It is a full cover: bumper-to-bumper, down to the cladding on the sides.


Ken, I just found it under the Avalanche Part Number page. It's about half-way down and called the Soft Vehicle Cover For Avalanche. Part number 12497707 and cost is $305.
Thanks Jamie !

I see it listed....wow $300 bux I'll need a security system for the cover! ha ha!

Yes Ken....it does seem a little steep...but from what I hear it is a good quality cover that does its job and won't leave you disapointed..... :B:
Why would one choose black as a color for making a vehicle cover? A lighter color would serve to keep things cooler it would seem!
I have the GM AV cover. It is excellent.....Covers the entire AV very good quality.... Check with our advertisers and you should get a better price than the 300.00...

Gary, how easy does it "stow"? In other words, how big of a space does the cover take when you roll it up and put it in it's carrying/storage bag?

It folds up pretty small ,, about the size of a super market paper bag I guess. The size has not been a concern at all..

I have not had a chance to check out the truck cover offered by GM so I cannot comment on that. I can however, recommend you contact the California Car Cover Co. and find out if they have one made for our trucks yet. These folks are not cheap and have made some of the best car covers I have ever used. Chevylover provided a link to it a couple of posts back http://www.calcarcover.com/ do check them out. They are worth every penny. :cool:
If you do cover your AVY make sure it is freshly washed or you Quick Detailed it first or else the dirt will scratch the paint when you put it on.
I got a calcarcover for my Av. They have a wide selection of grades to choose from. I like it for the most part. It's pretty windy here at times and the front of the cover will blow off, even with the side security cables in place. It's not really a big deal. I'm very satisfied with it, considering all the bird glop, tree sap, pollen, suspended particulates, etc., it has kept off my Av. I considered the GM cover with the Av writing on it, but decided against it, since I don't want to advertise to roaming thieves what exactly is under the cover.

You can also order an optional carry bag and tires/wheel covers. I'm thinking of getting the wheel covers to help the wheels to stay cleaner longer.
I realize these will keep the truck safe (sorta) from birds and trees, but is there anything out there short of a garage to protect the truck from hail? Seems like every couple of weeks I've had to re-stack the garage to squeeze the Av in, as another Texas thunderstorm blows in.

I know, I really should throw some of that stuff away.....
Regarding protection from hail damage . .

Northeastern Colorado is notorious for big hail - i.e. killer fallling softballs. Some years ago, I remember seeing an ad for some sort of thick mat that would provide hail protection for cars. BUT . . searching the net just now, I found no information of such an item.

My Av stays in the garage - I just hope I don't have it at work the next time hail hits!
Another tip from uncle YGMN for hail protection

If you have a cover put some foam or those blow up swimming rafts under it before putting it on and the hail will bounce off and not dent the paint.