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Crisis With Chief Avalanche Fan


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
As they use to say on Saturday Night Live, "talk amongst yourselves."

The littlest Avalanche Fan in the world, my two-year old pride and joy little girl is in the hospital in isolation. She took very ill this afternoon and is having severe breathing problems. She isn't responding well to the medication they are giving her, which only clears her up for a short while. Happily her O2 sat is good so we haven't had to do anything drastic - but the doctors aren't happy.

If I didn't have an 8 year old son I'd still be at the hospital. Mom is sleeping with our little girl (she screamed her way into a private room - our two year old, not mom). I'll obviously not be checking the board.

Loth, argentte, gandolphxx - as board admins please make sure things are clean and above board. Fortunately I haven't had to delete a single post in the last month - but if some one talks about how great Nazi's are on has pictures of Hillary with a mule - well, you know what to do.

Please keep us in your thoughts (and prayers if you do that sort of thing)...

:cry: :cry: :cry:
im sorry to hear that. i hope she is ok and gets better. that just plain sad that a little girl has to go through that. ill keep you and your family in my thoughts. Alex
Good Luck!
When my wife had breast cancer, I really appreciated others praying. You all are in my prayers.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your daughter, you and your family. I know all the other folks that pass through your site are thinking of your family as well.
So sorry to hear.., My prayers go out to You, Your daugther, and Your family... I Hope all turns out well, Butch.
I was very surprised to have read your news. My heart go out to you and your whole family. I will definitely pray for your daughter and for you and the rest of your family that the good Lord may give you strength and guidance during this crisis. I hope the doctor are able to get your daughters health back in "A one" shape ASAP.
Thanks everyone! ?It is much appreciated. ?Thanks to the miracle of managed care, overcrowded hospitals and a strong desire to move patients out as quickly as possibly, the CAF Munchkin was released from the hospital at 10:45 PM last night. ?We have a name to what is making her sick - it's viral so really not much can be done.

However we were sent home with a wide array of equipment including a stethoscope (something I'm familar with using and I know where to listen on the kid) and a nebulizer which involves getting a two year old in a choke hold for twenty-minutes four times a day without having her cry or scream (good luck).

I just did the first treatment (it 4:45 AM here folks) and in the end it didn't go THAT bad. ?The one who REALLY deserves a gold star is my eight-year old boy who had to ride shot gun in the ambulance, who broke down crying as they poked and prodded his sister, and then was stuck at the hospital with not a whole lot to do for two days.

Our little girl still has a long way to go to recovery. ?We have to give her a battery of steroids over the next three days on a strict schedule (that have the wonderful side effects of making her nuts and bazoka barf at the same time). ?Then more doctors appointments with follow ups to see if she did long term damage to her lungs. ?:(

At least my baby girl is at home where she belongs and passed out in her own bed. ?She never slept well in strange places (unless that strange place was a sleeping bag while camping) and had a terrible time getting to sleep in the hospital. ?I have a feeling despite the side effects she'll be doing a lot of catch up at home.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts - it seemed to help a lot, although you won't see much of me over the next three days, but you'll see a bunch of these 4:45 AM postings!
Great news,Chief!I was really distressed to hear about your daughter,but getting her home sounds good.God bless you and your family through this situation.Kids are awfully resilient and she'll be back to full speed soon!
When things like this are over we often wonder where we found the strength and stamina to pull it off. I guess that is the gift we are given when we become parents. You are in my prayers and I'm glad to hear things are looking better. Daughters are special (I know, I have 3) and I pray she will be ok.

Great to hear she is back home....the wonders of modern medicine. Good luck and keep us informed of her progress.
Glad to hear she's on the road to recovery! I know that must have been a trying time for you. Things will work out okay.
Sorry to hear of your daughter's illness. :-[
But, glad to hear she is now home and getting better. ;D
Do not be afraid of her being on the 'nebulizer'. Our 12 year old son has used one almost since he was a month old.
For more than 6 years now, he has been very actively involved in all kinds of athletic activities, including baseball, soccer, hockey and now lacrosse. Respiratory-illness does not have to be debilitating. Especially not in young children. They bounce back extremely well. Just follow her doctors instructions, have her take her meds and use that nebulizer and watch that "little-angel" shine. We'll take care of the prayers.
You give those kids lots of hugs. It's the best medicine in the world. ;)

Take care,
Mick, (Osprey)

Update on the CAF Munchkin. Turns out she is a lot sicker than I thought (or my wife). She is going to be on the nebulizer for at least six weeks, and today I got a taste of some of her oral medication - no wonder she fights so hard, I wouldn't take it as an adult.

You wouldn't know for a second she was sick if you saw her - but I'm not very happy about the idea of my still developing two-year old having to take nasty steroids in adult size doses for the next six weeks. :(

It's not clear when she can return to the real world - but if it is long term it appears we may have to summon the grandmas for assistance...