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Cruise Control



I have less than 1500 miles on my Av and my cruise control is acting up, at sixty-five, it downshifts into third, winds itself up and tries to push me up to seventy (and probably beyond, if I didn't stop it) then, I cannot get it to stay in OD after this happens.
Never heard of this one....take it to the dealer and see what they say...
Do you have a 2003 Av?

Maybe it's that crazy adjustable gas pedal acting up.... :2:

Maybe you have a twitch in your right foot....could be S.A.L.F.S. (Sudden Acute Lead Foot Syndrome)
That's a problem . . . time to take it to the dealer. Is it easily repeatable, or is it an intermittant problem?

My experience says that the Av's cruise control is pretty good compared to others. I've been surprised by the amount of shifting in rolling hill country, but it does what it needs to to maintain speed.

I think the reality is that with the control off, I tolerate a bit more speed variation than the system does . . . faster down hills and allowing some drop in speed on inclines . . hence less shifting than when the cruise is on.